Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rain and dance in your parade

Having the right attitude means being able to dance, 
even its raining on your parade...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

For we don't play nice...

"It's hard to judge where to draw the line between being nice, 
not hurting people's feelings
and standing up for what you truly believe..."
-just my thought-

with good friends/workmates in a project night event

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Morning thought

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oddness revolved

Recalling my past days in few weeks back, I have apparently lost appetite in running some errands: blogging and writing. I came up with this conclusion this morning: I was probably just too exhausted to pour in my mind and let them flow out. 

Getting back from work -- I'm not complaining, please note -- I feel pretty tired, and even feel sick just too open up my laptop. If it's not really emergency or not really that excited to edit some photographs, I'm not going to touch my laptop. I was about to throw up for odd things happened lately. Odd things; I am saying that.

To summarize these oddities (in case you, strangers, want to know my perspective of it), check these out:

Odd 1
What are you saying if you have this new workmate (happened to be a paid intern) came in for some assignments, from my lost-and-found boss, then disappeared, then back again; 'till the bird-saying reached me  informing that this new workmate is depressed of family issue and workloads in the office? 

What would you say if your team was dragged in this workmate's issue, being discussed, and a supervisor decided to transfer this workmate to another team; then telling us that this workmate was (abruptly) happy and felt fit with the team? This is not the thing she/he has to do with his/her fams nor his/her workloads. This has to be something with her/himself; he/she has issues with her/himself. 

Darn it for any discussion when that workmate spilling words and me & the team might look like a crap. She/he needs to learn some work ethic, mental and attitude. Period.

Odd 2  
I would never ever again in my life borrowing this person's (or even others) property, for any cases. 

I just got my lesson, that I missed to put this property back to its place (which I always do everytime I borrow somebody else's items). Then this person told me in not-so-a-nice-way to bring the thing back by myself, as I was the one who borrowed it.
Well, I tried to always be a woman of my words. So with my bf's kindness, I brought the thing back to that person's house and all done.

I knew I was wrong and I admitted that. I said sorry from the deepest bottom of my heart, and I truly felt like I was the biggest sinner on Earth because of that. But then I thought, that's that. All them went well again, but with my view to that person. It's not going to be the same, though.

Odd 3

I do not give any craps to what people and friends may state about anything I like or I wear. As long as I am happy and comfy with it, I would just go for and with it. 

I remember this: I wasn't born to Earth to please everyone AND This is me who's going to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.

Odd enough? Well, maybe not for you; but it is for me.
Life's bitch. But Imma be bitch-er, even :)

An evening sky in Komodo, taken by my bf :)


Sunday, November 20, 2011

When life gives me lemon, try pour some vodka...

Last week, up to this minute, I have been reading God Never Blinks by Regina Brett, which my housemate owns. Thanks God i just finished it right away, because my new two John Grishams' are awaiting.

Well, a glimpse about the author: Regina is a 50-year-old writer, single parent who has been battling cancer, building her spiritual life and working to have peace with her childhood. In my eyes, Regina is a common woman (despite of the gender) who has an ordinary life – like all of us humans – but she's been digging to find the beauty within life; which is a true beauty.

Some people who saw this book might have said, “Oh, self-motivation one?” or “An inspirational and self-help kind of book, isn’t it?” – and you can say that as well. But for me, this book is beyond that self-help, inspiring one. It’s the book that I can have many things to grasp, to apply and to bear in mind. This book is worth the time.

Why did I state that? When I read the book, I was feeling like my clothes were put-off one by one and I was going naked in a time. I'm saying that words by words in several of its lessons (chapters) clearly described life experiences which were a bit similar to me. Practically, Regina puts stories that represent me, which I seemingly would never be able to describe that feeling of my experiences.

Here what I love from the book:

Lesson 2: When in doubt, just take the next right step.
What would I do with my life. The future overwhelmed me… It’s scary to make major changes, but we usually have enough courage to take the next right step. One small step and then another. That’s what it takes to raise a child, to get a degree, to write a book; to do whatever your heart desires… whatever it is, take it!

After I have this moral lesson, I think I know what I should fix and improve within me. I should not see the forthcoming giant future as it would burden me. I should see the outlook within my reach, where my eyes are able to grab and touch it; forget the long, long future dream/goal in which I may be scared to even think about it. Relax, stay calm, focus and have fun with life. I will.

Lesson 4: Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
I was born with the idea that I had to be perfect in all things, because deep down I felt like one big fat nothing at everything. All my life, my brain has set out false warning signals. It constantly tells me that I’m not perfect, I have failed…”

“My brain is color-blind, it sees world in black-white, yes-no, right-wrong, all or nothing. It can’t discern that there are shades of gray coloring everything in life, that the world isn’t a class you take pass-fail. Lighten up. You’re too intense. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Yes, I’m listening, I have been boring listening to this kind of advice and I have been always taking myself too serious, damn it. What can I do? (instead of saying the hey-imma-Virgo-so-please-understand-me excuse). But I can bravely say that I’m working on loosening myself up, and take a deep breath just to ensure that I’m not exhausted living the life I want. If I attempt to work my ass of hard, I have to have fun around harder. I understand that.

Lesson 6: You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
You aren’t going to convince me and I’m not going to convince you, so let’s agree to disagree… That means no one has to be right and no one has to be wrong.

And my criticism-trait has much contributed me to this person I’m living my life now. I comment regarding various things a lot, I argue with people about things – considered important or not – and I often tell people about my opinion and try to tell them what I think is right. Shut the fug up, myself…

I now discern this lesson, and am thinking to keep them in my head – not pouring it out to people around me. I should really, genuinely understand that personal taste can’t ever be argued and stop caring of what people think. Just freaking stop it.

Lesson 15: Everything can happen in a blink of an eye. But don’t worry, God never blinks.
We see the world as fragmented, because we blink. But God, who never blinks, sees the entire universe as we cannot see it. Whole.

Now, tell me. You people, who have yet judged others, spoiled beans, talked dirty and did bitchy in front of anyone else, honestly? Indeed, people will always see the others differently according to what they really see with their eyes. If we are coincidentally caught saying “bad” words, people would label me as “someone” inappropriate to befriend with, or else whatsoever. And this is what I mean that human’s eyes blink. We blink.

We do miss so many things in life – that we have long been expecting not to miss any single seconds of anything. The only way to experience and observe things beyond our limitation is to keep it wise and simple. If you want to judge obviously, keep it inside. If we’re blame for something we didn’t do, they didn’t believe it, let it go. Heaven knows your true color. Humans (we) miss things, but act like we know almost everything. “There is no darkness that is so dark that the light of a single candle cannot pierce it.”

Lesson 16: Life is too short for long pity parties. Get busy living or get busy dying.
“It’s about what is possible when you have the collective will. I had the installation of hope…”

This is what inspires me the most. If I fail on something or don’t get results as expected, I should have not shrink in a sorrow too long. Get back, try it again, do it my utmost, and see the result – over and over again. Nothing to lose and many to gain, right? 

If things seem so hard at first, all I can do to make it easier is only jump on it and do it, learn it and roll it. Fail? Time’s there, waste no breathe and work it! (Talking to the man in the mirror, anyway…)

Lesson 46: No matter how you feel; get up, dress up and show up for life.
Don’t ‘awfulize’ what you’re feeling. The world isn’t ending. You are just experiencing turbulence. The plane is safe. The pilot is good. You’re in the right seat of life. You just hit a patch of bumpy air. Wait. It will pass.

This is the last great lesson I obtained from the book. Face the day vertical instead of surrendering to it horizontally. As woman, dressing up is a good process: we like to adorn and decorate ourselves with beautiful pieces of cloths, rings or bracelets, scarves, shoes, even good, silky hair. We may constantly feel that we can conquer the world today. And that’s a good things, confidence. Show up for life is the gold medal, after all. Go out there and seize anything you plan to get, and let no obstacles cross you to do your best – which is varies.

These are just little insights, that have spiced me some spirit and flame to keep riding my life through a roller-coasting journey… (:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Think unlimited, even if we're truly limited

I can never read all the books I want. I can never be all the people I want. I can never live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. 

And why do I want? 

I want to live and feel all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experience possible in life. 
And I am horribly limited...
-Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Strong is not always about muscle

God doesn't move mountains. 

However, He gives me the strength to climb them.

Photo taken by me at Lembeh strait, Manado

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not that important (for you)

"If you're good at something, then be the best at it.
Make it your craft and perfect it."

These past few days, I have been struggling to keep my mind still and chill. Why is that?
I have a frigging lot of plans. here. in my mind. darn it.

These plans related to my future life, about what things I will probably do and run. And, no kidding, I definitely want to make it happen. I do.

I do not take my dreams for granted or easy. I let them grow inside. I search for knowledge on how to make my first step and so on.True, that up to this moment I have not made these alive, people can't figure out this outside of me. I do hide it. I want to make sure I have sufficient knowledge and everything packed for it.

Whatever it is, I am going to nurture and develop what I have for now. I will always pursue for perfection and chance to prove myself that, step by step, it is possible for me to keep stepping up and raise my life up.

Thanks God for my beautiful life, with bittersweet essences within. 

bisous xx

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nothing to lose

Encountered a well-known drama queen, particularly, has given me some lessons to really learn. The pivotal moral would be as a human, or let's say part of society, I shall not be squaring people into boxes.

What are they, a specific endangered species?

Yes, I have a choice to choose my own friends: Whom I will befriend with, whom I will pick as only acquaintances or not-so-close friends, camaraderie and friends for fun only. That's good, really. To pick whom to be closed with means we know what kind of people we'd like to learn life from and behave positively influential for us. At least that is my eye.

Another thing not least important is be real. I really mean it. I have seen some particular "friends of mine" turned into someone else I hardly recognized just because they have involved in another circle of friends. And this circle tended to have a so-called leader that have changed them into a different person. I don't know whether it's they who are really grow up OR who have let other people take control of whatever within them.


My last point, and it would be my another point to learn from, is keep behaving friendly and smiley to everrrrybody. This will help me develop my inner personality and shape my trait as I really want to be flexible and loosen-up in any kind of "circles". 

Treat everyone good, and let God do the rest. Nothing to lose, but definitely many things to gain.

photo by me

Have a shiny day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

In the end, I am (still) a woman

You do not need to be shy and passive all the time,
Stand up and let them hear your minds.

You do not need to sound soft and "polite" just to make people notice you're not "impolite",
Speak straightforwardly and hold on your grip.

You do not need to show some skin nor cover some all the time,
It is fine to let people see what yo' mama gave yo'.

You do not need to hide behind the curtain,
The world has to recognize you to give you the spotlight you deserved.

You do not need to diet hard and count calories,
What's the point of living the life to the fullest, and life is once and cannot be repeated?

You do not need to seduce anyone to give you anything,
Bring up your brain, manner and big heart to own the world.

You do not need to beg for love,
Give your unconditional and pure love for everyone and everything, to receive even more than one love.

You do not need to be scared of becoming darker or nerdier when glasses and outdoor are your things,
People don't care of personal things, however those would be your signature.

You do not need to overprotect your lover,
As your lover will clearly see your kind- and whole-hearted love of the freedom you "give".

You do not need to follow others' lifestyle just to be one,
Determining your own lifestyle may make yourself a smoking hot role model to be imitated!

You do not need no sport and movement to tone your body,
Being sporty and healthy are sexy.

You do not need thousands of friends or people to bring you happiness,
Instead, happiness emerges from within you; let people know they don't affect your own happiness.
source: Stockholm Streetstyle


Monday, October 10, 2011

Literary fest a success

Visiting Bali, for me, is good. Just good. No more, or less. I love the beaches, the sands, its ethnic music and, ahem, its "terrific" social life. I often heard people talk about other renowned tourist area/cities in Bali that are great to visit like Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran, Denpasar, Ubud, Nusa Dua and more.

Particularly Ubud, I had never been there for my whole life. I heard it was one of nice place for people finding peacefulness and tranquility. Known for culture and arts area, I used to think foreigners and visitors might find Ubud captivating; but not me.

Well, at least until last week when I landed my foot there, volunteering for one of world's biggest literature festivals. I could not decline the temptation of Ubud atmosphere...

Anyway, why did I decide to participate and manage the fest? My first answer would be: Hey, it's "writers" and "readers" thingy. I love reading good books. I end up writing something (don't care whether they're a good one or not for people) if my mood swings, my brain twists and an inspiration knocks. 

Another reason would be: I want to try living in Ubud. But please, I wasn't trying to live the Elizabeth Gilbert's way (of the very famous "Eat Pray Love"). I was just so curious of Ubud.

So last week, I involved in the 8th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF) 2011 which was held in Ubud, Bali, on Oct. 5-9. Sponsored by PT ANZ Panin Bank, this year's theme was "Nandurin Karang Awak: Cultivate The Land Within". 

The annual festival not only took place all way around Ubud, but also put in Denpasar as some of its agenda were to conduct workshop and seminar for students and youth at some high schools and universities in Bali.

Beforehand, I registered to be a volunteer in two days before the committee announced their decision for volunteers. As they accepted me and I officially got in, I was chosen to participate and manage the Book launch program. 

Emails kept coming to my inbox, informing everything crucial for us to acknowledge. Facebook closed-group page was created and everyone in charge for the UWRF 2011 discussed everything like accommodation, hotel sharing and more for the upcoming fest.

Lucky me, I had two friends from Facebook (haa!) -- who apparently were very nice, sweet, kind and crazy ladies -- to live together in Ubud and share room with. Mba Jainar Berliana, Bandung-based novelist, radio announcer; and Riska Wandira, half Balinese-Javanese, an ex fashion reporter, were seriously awesome. They had their own uniqueness and characteristics that made me (the people observer..teehee) felt inspired of life.

Back to the UWRF 2011, there were 130 invited speakers from 27 countries, participating in 168 events that were held at 57 venues. This festival conducted not only to facilitate and gather global writers brainstorming and digging ideas and experiences regarding multicultural life. 

The event also planned writing workshops, fiction/non-fiction, travel writing, publishing and marketing books, even designing our own cover books, and more and more for those literary enthusiasts. Priceless, huh?

This year's event featured Indonesian writers/authors, journalists and/or artists like Andrea Hirata, Putu Widjaja, Djenar Maesa Ayu, Ahmad Fuadi; along with international's Nury Vittachi, John O'Sullivan, Alex Miller, Ann Lee, Peta Mathias and more. There were Grand Opening; which was hell crowded; music and dancing to folks music night, cultural workshops, exhibitions, book launches, art programs and other thrilling programs to follow. 

I witnessed probably more than 80 percent participants (including volunteers, committee, guests and attendees) are foreigners. Here I was not surprised, though. It's pretty much understandable if less Indonesians (not generally) are not really into literature; even only reading or writing. But above all, this Harper's Bazaar recognition festival kicked everyone off. 

I didn't manage to take photographs as often as some other occasions, as I needed to move back and forth. Besides, the committee stated no official UWRF photographers could take shoots in the programs; not the whole event. 

Lastly, this world-class literature festival needs to improve every year. In my opinion, this festival is excellent in everything; be it the new people, learn to go over my self-boundary and put out on "reality life" of my skill of service (since I worked in the Book Launch program). As Closing UWRF 2011 Party was at Antonio Blanco Museum, it is supposedly a great mark to start the next year's. 

Literature geeks are going to party hard, again, soon!

Xoxo - AW

Beyond ‘manise’ beaches

For some, Ambon Islands may have been renowned from the name of its Ambon banana, spices commerce in the colonial history and, not to forget, the conflicts. Meanwhile, some others may know Ambon as one of the hottest spots for water leisure activities.

As the capital city of Maluku Islands province, Ambon is a mountainous, small town where white sand beaches spread out. The picturesque “Spice Island” is situated in the Ambon Bay area that my eyes are pleased with thriving mountains and crystal-clear water surrounding.

Undeniably beautiful for its scenery, calling the town “Ambon Manise”— which literally means “beautiful Ambon” – then is not overstated. For that reason, decided to arrange a trip to Ambon was just right.

Ambon beaches were my prime thing as I often heard that I might have regretted my life if I didn’t visit any of it. After sorting them out, there were three main, must-visit beach destinations to go.

Pintu Kota Beach in Airlouw village, Nusaniwe, was the first. A local Ambonese said to me that Pintu Kota was highly recommended spot for tourists.

“If one doesn’t step his feet on this beach, one does not ‘really’ visit Ambon,” said a frizzy Ambonese lady who owned a warung (small vendor) near the beach.

Pintu Kota, or “the City Door”, is a white-sand, coral beach. Pintu Kota name came from the seascape of one huge coral with a big hole at its bottom that looks like a door. This large door allows us to see the faraway Ambon and ships passing by in the Banda Sea.

Here, it’s practically impossible for people to play or even swim – sharp and slippery corals are everywhere. It takes around 20 minutes from Ambon and public transportations (angkot) are available accessing the route to the beach.

We need to step the meandering stairs down to reach Pintu Kota seashore. Walking down the stairs is probably not a big deal – but walking up leaving the beach will likely make you panting and sweaty. However, it is worthy as everything there is still novel – the stairs are an exception.

In a few minutes from Pintu Kota, meet Santai Beach – literally translated as “Relaxed Beach” – in Latulahat village, Nusaniwe. Perfect for swimming or sunbathing, Santai Beach has also been a departure point for diving and snorkeling in Banda Sea.

Passing through twisty, up and down roads will be somewhat challenging to get to Santai Beach. Since it is Ambon, bountiful banana trees along with coconut trees can be seen on the wayside to there.

The bright blue sky, sheer aquatic water and white sands apparently make it flawless to enjoy the landscape. In spite of this, don’t take the name “Santai” seriously. 

The beach, however, has corals in its shallow water area – only much smaller than Pintu Kota. Yet, there are some safe no-corals sides beneath the water.

Moreover, Santai Beach’s sea waves are rapid and it doesn’t make you really “enjoy” swimming or playing around the shoreline. An artificial concrete fort is spotted in the right side of the beach to prevent the waves smash into the seashore. There are gazebos provided for visitors to sit and enjoy at the picturesque milieu.

Move to another no-less-beautiful beach in Suli village, Salahutu sub-district: Natsepa Beach. This well-known beach is alike with aforesaid beaches – white sand lies while the clear water sparks. It is easy to reach Natsepa as angkot has route to the beach and it’s just 20-minute away from the heart of Ambon city.

The good thing in Natsepa is the water is rather calm and does not have craggy corals – as the Ambon Bay impedes waves touching the shore. So, the beach is much safer for swimming, playing ball or simply lying down.

In the afternoon, people usually rent boats to sail the coastline. The boat costs around Rp 20,000/hour and can be filled up to 15 people.

A local Ambonese man told me that Natsepa’s water might cure illnesses such as influenza, fever or skin diseases like ringworm, irritation and other skin fungus. “If you bathe for about an hour in Natsepa Beach, your illness will be carried away by waves of Natsepa.”

He even said that he was healed with the magical Natsepa Beach when he suffered from fever and bad cold some time ago. Well, you decide whether to believe it or not.

Furthermore, Natsepa is famous for its rujak (Indonesian fruit salad) with a distinctive peanut sauce. Enjoy a plate of rujak Natsepa in the roadside, outside the beach area. Do not forget to try fried snacks of sweet potato, banana and cassava, and have them with a glass of fresh iced young coconut juice.

A rujak seller said rujak Natsepa exceptional because “we use nutmeg to spice up the peanut sauce.” The Spice Islands, as Maluku is historically identified, indeed produce mainly cloves and nutmeg, and other spices like pepper, cinnamon and chili.

Then, it is time for underwater enthusiasts. Driving uphill to Liang village in Salahutu sub-district, Liang Beach is 40-kilometer away from Ambon. Green panorama is here and there all through the mountainous way getting there.

The underwater view of Liang has been admitted and even was compared to Bunaken National Marine Park in Manado, North Sulawesi. Divers are able to satisfy their hunger of Liang underwater world from 50 meters off the beach.

“Unfortunately, Liang Beach is less famous among tourists as well as Indonesian travelers,” explained a beach guard.

He added that some time ago, “there was land disputes among local society. It made investors changing their mind and then shifting investment to another scenic underwater beach. Apparently, our local people were not ready at that time.”

Nonetheless, now people are far more supportive in developing the beach for the growth of their own region.

Sadly, I must say, public facilities in the beach areas are somewhat poor. Restrooms, which considered as important for visitors to change clothes and have a shower, are neglected. Other aspects like parking area and playground are also ignored.

As a matter of fact, the condition is awful; how children can play in a ruined playground in the beach areas. Compare to the stunning beaches, facilities need to be truly taken care of so that tourists would feel pleasant to come back again and again.

The previous Sail Banda 2010 may be potential to tell the world how beautiful the Spice Island, especially Ambon, is. But in the end of the day, aside from the needs of having a trip to Ambon, these priceless and remarkable beaches are our treasures to look after for the next generation’s goodness.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, 
and then success is sure.
-Mark Twain

Monday, September 26, 2011

Un doux moment

Her hair was shined by the dusky lights, whilst she was thinking of nothing but that state of situation. She winked and smiled, winked again and simpered, and repeated the same thing like a dork. 

At the time she pulled and tied her hair up into a tiny bun -- and was happy as her hair has been growing a little longer -- he kept looking at her. He was carried away.

"I still don't believe I had you."

"You're speaking high, mister. Just too high."

At that very time she tried hard denying his words; a deep and loved kiss was on her's...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Sept. 9 was just another day in life;
for a particular person, it was the moment of getting older, 
whilst wishing to be a little wiser than before...

That person was me.
No big anniversary party,
nor closed kisses and hugs from my whole loved ones.
and nothing ever really mattered...

Until last weekend, 
beach, white sands, sea waves, fish, corals and blue delicious lobsters were gifted to me...
thank you for the short, yet the sweetest trip :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

the lads of awesomeness

the Ex-proofreaders of TJP reunion - Sept. 2, 2011 at 9:00 PM


Those who says that life is a nightmare are the ones that's not chasing their wildest dreams...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

If this feels good, then be it

I so know I've been rarely updated my blog like crap. And this is not related with what I am doing here with my real life (well, so-called if I might say so...). It's just, honestly, I had some times losing mood and inspiration to put in some words here -- even though I already had my head uber full as I thought of everything all at once. 

Do you know how crazy it was to have hundred things crossed your mind and needed your attention at the same time? I was about to explode. 

Thus, I always remember what my best friend, a movie major student at a state university in Jakarta, used to say to me every time we bumped with a state of mess in any terms. She said, "Make life fun, no matter what. Life is already tough, just do not make it and feel it difficult..." I could not be more agree. 

As my viewpoint, my respond towards what life throws me defines and shapes my character and personality. And it is life, in the end. Who could negotiate with life of what will occur, would have been happened and what the past had done to us? 

Life has choices, true. We choose what we think it is possibly right for us. We do not choose of what we think it may harm and bring us loss. Its outcomes may be different than what we expected or assumed; it can be positive or negative. Some positive or good result can make us smile, happy and cherish it. On the other hand, negative or bad result of what we have chosen can make us down, sad or depressed. 

See this, what will you respond to the good and bad thing coming to you? Are you completely mad, going nut, stay calm and smile or seriously "active" (like throwing things all over the place; sharing to your best friend; or crying or screaming out loud) ? That is who you are... 
I see that in me, though. I have been trying to figure out what I used to carry out in responding problems, people's attitude, bad or good situation. I am now still making efforts to change to be better, to grow up in responding things; whatever they are.

Anyway, enough of the self-reflecting and opinion, last weekend I went to Ambon, a small town as parts of Maluku islands, with three good friends / workmates. We had great time there. But do not count the gloom and dark clouds hanging on the sky when what we saw were a carpet of white sand, waves and super nice beaches. 

Day 1, not so good. Tiring of sitting through the way to Ambon (be them bus and plane), we faced the dark and rainy Ambon. As if it didn't stop us of doing what we had planned -- and it just did not, yay! -- we kept having fun. The following day, we played in some beaches with big waves. We tried local foods, and that was the time of fasting (shaum) as well, we bought like a lot of foods for breaking the fast; like we had not eaten for a year! lol

the city of Ambon from the street
Aston Resort Amphi-theater view, Ambon
Santai Beach, Ambon

Three days, two night were enough to enjoy the city of Ambon. Once again, I only regret for the weather and rainy days; more of that, it was a great trip/getaway/day-off!

In just few days I am going to be in my hometown (Jakarta) for Eid-ul Fitr celebration. I cannot wait of that to happen. Uh oh, haven't I told you about my man? Met him in the same project, knew him here, and we just clicked that way. I never expected anything to happen -- 'coz I used to see him as cold and outta-my-loop thingy (if you read this, you already know I had stated to you a hundred times, baby! teehee...). Well, being a happy camper for years and finally I found a person whom I care about is just God's gift. This is now the time I need to enjoy it like a best friend, sibling and lover. 

I recall this: "If you talk like best friend, flirt like first love, and protect each other like sibling; then it is meant to be..." Heaven knows :)

Now I have that particular person whom I can travel with.
Travel means not only visiting cities to cities; but also enjoying adventures and challenges in life together... :)

Have an uh-mazing day, everyone!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

There is no finish line...

Just living is not enough. 
 One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. 
 ~ Hans Christian Anderson

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Because we, humans, fear the unknown & don't want to accept it

To laugh is to risk appearing the fool
To expose feeling is to risk exposing my true self
To place my ideas, my dreams before a crowd is to risk their loss
To love is to risk not being loved in return
To live is to risk dying
To hope is to risk despair
To try is to risk failure

Risks must be taken,
Because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing…

Those who risk nothing, do nothing, have nothing; are nothing.

photo source: Stockholm Streetstyle

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Larger than words

"Find something to die for,
and then live for it!"

Photos taken at Ku De Ta, Bali
June 17, 2011

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