Monday, January 31, 2011

the darling newlywed...

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You 
by Pablo Neruda

I do not love you except because I love you;
I go from loving to not loving you,
From waiting to not waiting for you
My heart moves from cold to fire.

I love you only because it's you the one I love;
I hate you deeply, and hating you
Bend to you, and the measure of my changing love for you
Is that I do not see you but love you blindly.

Maybe January light will consume
My heart with its cruel
Ray, stealing my key to true calm.

In this part of the story I am the one who
dies, the only one, and I will die of love because I love you,
Because I love you, Love, in fire and blood


Dedicated to the newlywed/my lovely relatives:
Dina & Andis, January 30, 2011
May the joy and love spark at every minutes you will get through together...

Friday, January 28, 2011

not done is really done....

I (always) know the day that I submit my thesis soft cover would never be the end of the hard and stiff road I’ve taken.

Well, yesterday, January 27, 2011, wasn’t a special day for many people, for even my mom, dad or Vin Diesel and Johnny Depp. BUT January 27 was a tiring yet heartbeating day for me and hundreds of Binus University students who submitted their soft covers. 
Why was that? Maybe it doesn’t sound that “special”, but trust me I was walking on that shoes until I can say this “exaggerated” word.

The previous night of Thursday Jan. 27, I went out to print my soft cover. At first, I thought it’d be so much easier to submit it the next day when I already got the master print, because I needed to bundle it and copy the master-printed paper into two papers.
But guess what, I was wrong. Seriously, it was not so smooth after all…

After done printing and made the papers fit into the big plastic bag, I rushed to my friend’s boarding house named Hedwig (her real name actually is Martina, and she always reminds me of Martina Hingis the legend woman tennis player). Before that, she texted me while I was prienting the papers asking whether I knew how to edit the page numbers and blablabla-related to Ms.Words stuff. 

So I came up with this idea that I could go there and helped her straightforwardly. Thought it’d be difficult to explain it through texting or calls. The printing center I was in wasn’t far to her boarding house though.
You know, I spent around “kinda much” money and almost 1 hour to print my two papers – as I didn’t think the copy to be submitted would be such readable and appropriate – and it also took a whole attention of the kindhearted helpers at the printing center. Lol.
Sorry and thank you so much, mas-mas baik di tempat print-an… hehehe

As I was ready steady to go to Hedwig’s place, my stomach sounded like a heavymetal music, yep I was hungry to the maxxxx. Well, I searched for wheat breads (I always watched what I eat anyway :p ), and FOUR (4) minimarts run out of them already! 
C’mon, at 7 pm? Aaah too bad.
Well I decided to buy a big chocolate made of “usual flour” bread instead... And wuzzzed to Hedwig’s and laid on her bed and felt so freaking sleepy.

So sleepy that if there was a nuclear explosion in front of my face, I would just be sleeping like nothing ever happened.

I helped Hedwig (FYI: I call her Wiggy) made her thesis pages looked in REAL order and tidier. I transferred my strong Virgo characteristics of well-organized, perfect and efficient as well as super-careful to her.
Lol yeah I know, Wiggy, you’re not that into me
haha.. just kidding =))

Minutes by minutes, that the night went late, we also went wilder and more imaginative.

We talked about the examining day, where the students must wear white classy button-up shirt tucked into the black pencil skirt, along with 3-5-cm black heels, and looking nerdy plus nervous waiting the turn, and explaining our thesis in emotional way. 

We also imagined that we actually could wear 12-cm black, sexy stilettos or platforms; with white modern-sense chiffon, or Victorian-inspired shirts tucked into a hot above-knee, tight black skirt OR a pretty A-line below-knee, OR a chic high-waist black pencil skirt. 

We put extreme make-up and crazy coloring or wavy Hollywood-celebs hairstyle. And we’d point green laser beam to the judges so that they would not in their 101% concentration in “oppressing” us! Hahahaha… 
(and again, this was only our imagination, readers! Why so serious?)

Shall we continue?

Well, after helping Wiggy, I arrived home at around 10 pm and feeling so tired. But I needed to edit my thesis cover because the style and format were not right. I slept at 1 am in the morning (blame it on the thesis…).
I got up at 6 am, was so hungry, ready to grind the breakfast, and at 8:30 am I rushed to Kijang campus of Binus University to get my mentor’s signature in completing my paper.

Then I went to Wiggy’s place at 10 am and found her pillow-face greeted me and she continued editing her bibliography.
I waited by playing PacMan and TapTap on my iTouch (easy games, aren’t they? So useful in killing the time though…I mean, I then found myself feeling bored even more zzzzzzzzz)

We got out and purchased some pink buffalo papers for the cover and back. Then printing Wiggy’s papers and my re-edited covers and front-page stuffs and so on and so forth and whatever. The bottom line: All those activity in making a complete thesis soft cover took us almost 3 hours without even bundling them up! 
Oh my Shakespeare…..

Then we walked to DAYA copy center like two psycho women ready to stabbing and mutilating (eh???) anyone who crossed our way on the Binus street.
Anyway, it's official that we heart DAYA copy center so muchos. They are professional! Recommended! (???)

We had to wait for such a long time in DAYA (from the Dinosaur Era to the new millennium of 2011 now) because there were a lot of students who did the thesis just like us.
Instead of looking one by one of the students out of the copy center because their bundled-thesis were done, more and mooore students came in. Ugh it was just like queuing at the Madonna concert in the 1870s! (P.S: I hadn’t even born yet, and I didn’t know how Madonna’s concert was going…)

Then, Wiggy and me decided to fill our stomachs and got some fresh air outside. Even though Jakarta’s air was full of dammit smoke and not-so-fresh at all, we at least killed the time for around 30 minutes before going back to take the bundles. I got my papers first, and Wiggy handed her student card for me to line in the Student Service Center (LIM) in the campus.

Sweaty all over the head and body, I managed to get the number pretty good. Less than 10 to wait 'till I and Wiggy could submit the soft covers. But something bad happened after Wiggy faced the lady in the LIM. She was told her papers were wrong. 
You know what? 
Wiggy DID NOT CHANGE her titles at all! OH MY OH MY… 
She still put the old titles before the revision and then she needed to change it and opened up the bundles again, and tidy them up again.

my required files to submit
Wiggy's files to submit

Me and my efforts!

Wiggy with her efforts, too!

Me and wiggy posed in the LIM, and there were lots of students! But sorry, we run out of shamefulness stock...

Thanks God I didn’t find anything weird on the papers I submitted. Smooth and beautiful… Until NOW I know I missed putting the second covers (it must have 3 cover-layers and I only put them 2 arrrrrrr!). 
*Whatever, now I’m thinking to print them tomorrow and submit them to the LIM. 
They said it's fine to just slip in the papers, so yeah wish me luck tomorrow…*

Then, Wiggy still hustled bundling everything and I did not want to leave her anyway. We were at the same stage now, we felt the hardest and mentally killing moments in making the thesis, so I did not see any reasons to leave her just like that. We must help one another right?

I took number for her to wait in the LIM again, and it was 97. But at the moment, the line was still in 69! Oh for Saul Hudson’s a.k.a Slash’s sake… 
Must be krazy waiting such a long time, hell yea Wiggy?

I was so content and happy on my way home and whatever, until I arrived and worked at the office at the wrong shift! Hahahaha… 
It was like jet lag, but my workmate thought it was my kind of relieving sense.

I don't careeeeeeee of everything around me now, I want to think and do NOTHING this week only; as all final exam papers and projects are done and done, and what do I do? 
Oyeah just sleeping, finishing read some novels, watching DVDs and being a lazy ass for some while. 
It is not a sin, isn’t it?

P.S. part II:  
-Would you mind to wish me very best of luck for my thesis slides presentation and the Execution Day on mid of February, the date hasn’t been informed yet.
-Oh.. if you were asking about that PINK covers: since I am majoring English Literature, the campus rule put it that English Lit's thesis paper-color is PINK. 
Can you believe that? Are English Lit students that pinky holics and sweet? tsk

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

...and thus I am exist

Being alone does not mean I am selfish, loser and anti-social.
For me, it's a learning stage to enjoy and relish the chance 
that I can do all the things by myself.
As I know how to have fun and get crazy, 
I never bothers myself to have fun all the time.
Perfect is never put on the dictionary.
Well, I am exist to use this short-life time to wandering my life; not everybody else's.

Two photos above were taken by me in a village in West Java.
I cannot forget my mom's message in my 21st birthday for my own sake in life:
"Live your life in simplicity. 
Do not follow others' lifestyle and habit.
That's why picking friends and social environment are very crucial.
Be grateful for what you have, not demanding on what you don't have.
Don't be scared of getting tired and acknowledging things you haven't know yet,
Let's so-called friends call you uncool or the like, 
you must stay professional, kind and always have that willingness to move on.
Don't get blinded by "the result".
Remember, the process does matter, the most..."

have a sweet day!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Leopard for My Lust

This is a random posting (yeah like I always did right? lol) about Sigmund Freud's famous quotes: "What does a woman want?"
Well, Monsieur Freud, I know you're a psychoanalytical father and my answer would probably not be connected with your field of study (or maybe it would!). D'ya want to know the (one of such many) answer of your curiosity? SHOES. 
Which women don't set her eyes on shoes anyway?
Speaking of that, I'd really love to list these leopard gorgeous (which, for me, are to die for!) boots to stiletto to platform to peep toe heels and even sneakers and so forth. 
Tell me what's on your mind then... (is this Faceb**k or blogspot eh?)

Desfrutar destes!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

the King's Day

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
Martin Luther King, Jr. (1963)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Uber Super is super kewl

These are my random favorite photographs from Uber Super, that the owner-cum-designer describes his webpage as "a crappy little online mag with focus on inspiring things". 

However, for me, the website is a super-duper-uber uh-mazing! You have to check it out and scroll it and surf it by yourself though. The site is like TUMBLR or ffffound, but modestly made with Wordpress, and contains photographs, typography arts, paintings, inspiring colors, moods and all the many-like arts thingy. 

Here I feel like so loving all of these bokeh, makro, retro, panorama, black-and-white photos and also some (it says) the National Geographic photo contest winners' in some years.
My best of the best pick? Definitely the last photo! 

Look at it, the soft tone drives my imagination wild in the air as it has the touch of pink-white hue with bokeh. Although the lady-bug photo (taken in the morning, the site says) is also a heartthrob one.

What do you think of these anyway, sunshines?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dare not to worry

The reason why worry kills more people than work 
is because more people worry than work...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Had no idea in the NYE

Happy New Year's 2011!

Spending the last night of 2010 with good friends, I have always been thinking this would be awesome. And it was grool! (my term for "great" and "cool").
So I decided to join my (nuts) friends to go nowhere; together and clueless. Since NYE leads to fireworks, barbecue party, dancing like madman and getting drunk until God knows when one will be sober; we tried to find any doing which didn't refer to those. You may say we're nice or even boring people; but to hell with that...

We merely rode to a mall in west Jakarta, then moved to the central part, then moved again to southern area. Not to forget we talked everything in the car. Really eeevvvverythiing. 
We rarely met up each other and had good times together... So we totally used the moment to hang out, chat randomly, share heart to heart, joke things ridiculously and many more.
Missing them already...

Lastly, I wish everyone a very blessed year of 2011.

*P.S.: I'm not going to post my plans (not comfortable with the "resolution" or the like) for this year, but soon when I got the time sum it all up.


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