Sunday, January 23, 2011

...and thus I am exist

Being alone does not mean I am selfish, loser and anti-social.
For me, it's a learning stage to enjoy and relish the chance 
that I can do all the things by myself.
As I know how to have fun and get crazy, 
I never bothers myself to have fun all the time.
Perfect is never put on the dictionary.
Well, I am exist to use this short-life time to wandering my life; not everybody else's.

Two photos above were taken by me in a village in West Java.
I cannot forget my mom's message in my 21st birthday for my own sake in life:
"Live your life in simplicity. 
Do not follow others' lifestyle and habit.
That's why picking friends and social environment are very crucial.
Be grateful for what you have, not demanding on what you don't have.
Don't be scared of getting tired and acknowledging things you haven't know yet,
Let's so-called friends call you uncool or the like, 
you must stay professional, kind and always have that willingness to move on.
Don't get blinded by "the result".
Remember, the process does matter, the most..."

have a sweet day!


Anonymous said...

love this post amelia. it's really almost a "must" to be able to enjoy your time by yourself, become independent and learn to do things on your own. yes, it's not being anti-social, it just means you are comfortable with your own skin and don't need others to always consistently be there for you, you know, like a crutch. you can be independent and be a social fein at the same time, that's the best part of it - balance. xxx

Krystal said...

I am loving these words...balance is key.

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