Saturday, January 1, 2011

Had no idea in the NYE

Happy New Year's 2011!

Spending the last night of 2010 with good friends, I have always been thinking this would be awesome. And it was grool! (my term for "great" and "cool").
So I decided to join my (nuts) friends to go nowhere; together and clueless. Since NYE leads to fireworks, barbecue party, dancing like madman and getting drunk until God knows when one will be sober; we tried to find any doing which didn't refer to those. You may say we're nice or even boring people; but to hell with that...

We merely rode to a mall in west Jakarta, then moved to the central part, then moved again to southern area. Not to forget we talked everything in the car. Really eeevvvverythiing. 
We rarely met up each other and had good times together... So we totally used the moment to hang out, chat randomly, share heart to heart, joke things ridiculously and many more.
Missing them already...

Lastly, I wish everyone a very blessed year of 2011.

*P.S.: I'm not going to post my plans (not comfortable with the "resolution" or the like) for this year, but soon when I got the time sum it all up.


1 comment:

NĂ¥na Jones said...

cool pics
seems like you had an amazing time
happy new year

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