Monday, January 17, 2011

Leopard for My Lust

This is a random posting (yeah like I always did right? lol) about Sigmund Freud's famous quotes: "What does a woman want?"
Well, Monsieur Freud, I know you're a psychoanalytical father and my answer would probably not be connected with your field of study (or maybe it would!). D'ya want to know the (one of such many) answer of your curiosity? SHOES. 
Which women don't set her eyes on shoes anyway?
Speaking of that, I'd really love to list these leopard gorgeous (which, for me, are to die for!) boots to stiletto to platform to peep toe heels and even sneakers and so forth. 
Tell me what's on your mind then... (is this Faceb**k or blogspot eh?)

Desfrutar destes!


Anonymous said...

you know my dear, i've never been a fan of animal print stuff for clothing, but i really like the leopard print peep toe booties. i have a black peep toe bootie and totally love it, it's 4" of comfort - i know that sounds weird but it really is, and i'm mostly, ooober picky with heels.

Edwig O' Nguik said...

if the answer is that simple, freud will be surprised, eh?
don't need to be analyzed :p

Krystal said...

Haha, I love this random post :)

Anonymous said...

because of this post, i bought a leopard print heels. not so high that i can't walk when i'm wearing it, but i definitely need to find the right occasion to wear it. i live in a pretty low key town. thanks for the new change in 2011.

Amelia Winnie said...

@Krystal: hahaha you love this because you love shoes! am I right? :p

@Reni: aaaa picture please on your blog? hehehe
i really am in a mission to find a pair of wearable leopard shoes. I want loafers or flats though.. but not with those price that can eat my wallet *sigh sigh

@edwig: surprisingly I am fed up with Freud and his freudians. seriously. Thanks God I wasn't so interested in psychoanalysis :D

Anonymous said...

shoes posted on today's blog :)

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