Saturday, January 8, 2011

Uber Super is super kewl

These are my random favorite photographs from Uber Super, that the owner-cum-designer describes his webpage as "a crappy little online mag with focus on inspiring things". 

However, for me, the website is a super-duper-uber uh-mazing! You have to check it out and scroll it and surf it by yourself though. The site is like TUMBLR or ffffound, but modestly made with Wordpress, and contains photographs, typography arts, paintings, inspiring colors, moods and all the many-like arts thingy. 

Here I feel like so loving all of these bokeh, makro, retro, panorama, black-and-white photos and also some (it says) the National Geographic photo contest winners' in some years.
My best of the best pick? Definitely the last photo! 

Look at it, the soft tone drives my imagination wild in the air as it has the touch of pink-white hue with bokeh. Although the lady-bug photo (taken in the morning, the site says) is also a heartthrob one.

What do you think of these anyway, sunshines?

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