Wednesday, January 12, 2011

what should I do?

I worry far to much, it's worrying.


Krystal said...

just stop :)

Anonymous said...

lady, we need to talk. well, okay, i'll write it out on this comment page because it's quite a ways to get to you and that would really be an expensive coffee dates, beside, i don't drink coffee.

my dear amelia - not to take away the legitimacy of your worrying, but sometimes it doesn't really help us focus or move on to whatever it is we need to do if we are stuck because we ruminate on things. however, i suggest that when times like these comes - put on some boots or heels, dance around your room (or house, which ever you prefer), turn on that favorite michael jackson song of yours (mine would be "man in the mirror", just sayin') and dance like no one's watching. XOXO

Sarcodina von Mastigophora said...

und the last two words .....????

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