Sunday, February 27, 2011

Such real life!

I have been juggling and adapting with my new job at the new company, along with new workmates. Well, I admit that stepping my foot at the very first time to something new, especially all new atmosphere or situation is not comfortable at all.

BUT, it is no excuse that I should give up or cry like a baby anyway. Yea sometimes I do really want to hug my mommy just because this new work has given me a ton of assignment, I mean, job to handle.

I just had a kind of jetlag. And it's illustrated like this:

1. I had finished all of the hardcover thesis and submitted the paper to the university.

2. I now have to just wait for the graduation ceremony in June 2011.

3. I resigned from the prominent English-language newspaper in town.

4. I will be rarely meet my besties at university just to hang around. Simply, they are busy and either am I. Sucks, right?

5. I then had a new job at an international internat mining company as a writer for the communication team. Sounds easy huh? Let's switch a role...

6. This new job = Lack of sleeping AGAIN. Pfft.

Okay I may make these look hard and exaggerating. I like my new job, honestly.
Because I need to learn from the very zero about SAP IT system, business impact, writing in Indonesian language (in which I am really lame at this point! Sorry, boss...), newsletter, weekly updates, and I'll be interviewing many company's people, the board of management, to workmates and ask every departments' reps of their project updates.

*out of breath*

And on March 6, I'll be leaving Jakarta to Sorowaku in Sulawesi island to work there. The company's real office is actually there, and as we're getting started using SAP and all of that stuff, we're (the Communication team) expected to successfully deliver the message and key points of what all departments (financial, supply, production, etc etc) have to inform all employees of the company so the employees will use SAP easily and understand why and what the impacts/differences using SAP with former system (called Ellipse).

Well, what do you think?

So, my first week working there, I felt terribly exhausted.
I found no time to running or else JUST FREAKING BECAUSE my body is tooooo tired to be moved.
And last Saturday, I was so delightful! This was a total leisure and getaway from the routine and pressure of "life". I and my good friends arranged a hang-out time together, with first and foremost rule: No mall included.
So me, Valentina, Stevie and Maretta went around Jakarta (you should never be boring of Jakarta, it offers many range of entertainment and places to go to) and we had a great and priceless time.

We've made promise that on July we gotta set another hang-out again. Because during these weeks until July Valentina and Maretta have to finish their theses, me have to work in Sulawesi until July, and Stevie is working as well. So we give ourselves time to do serious stuff as we have our own targets to get done. After those are finished, just be ready to hop from one party to another party... lol. Kidding...
Well, we cannot wait of that day to come!

Have an awesome days, beautiful people!


Edwig O' Nguik said...

What?? You will go that far????
Gonna miss you Winnie!!
Have the brightest and shiniest future ahead! :D

Anonymous said...

omg, what is that food?! looks yummy! you know me and food!

not so sound like your older sister (that sounds better than mother, plus, i like the older sister role since i'm the youngest in the fam!), but you are growing up. sometimes, that means you are leaving things/people you've always known. but, that's okay. people who love and care for you will understand that things change. i'm sure it won't be the last time you'll see them, it might not be as often as you want, but you'll see them again.

congrats on the new job! i'm really excited for you. enjoy it. it'll have its ups and downs, but remember to be humble and be willing to learn! hey, maybe you can work in the U.S. one of these days, that would be so frickin' awesome! xxx

Krystal said...

WOW you have a lot going on!!!! But, I can't top Reni's advice so just enjoy your life and change and all of that :) :) goooood luck! get some sleep!

Anonymous said...

do i have single male friends?! you'd have to come out for yourself and see! how do you like dem engineers? but maybe they are a little too old for you????

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