Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend inspiration

Life is like a soccer match. 
It has a start, 
an end,
 and crazy people yelling at your mistakes.

I forgot where I found all of these pictures, but surely they were not mine. So I cannot put the credits here... cheers.


Anonymous said...

who's yelling at your mistakes?! just keep it moving, ignore those who don't believe. i love that photo of our man kobe. it would be better if it was you and me next to him. what do you say?

Krystal said...

they are good pics :) ahhh, kobe. handsome handsome!

Amelia Winnie said...

@Reni: It's just a thought anyway, because seemingly when someone's wrong, she/he will be remembered most than when she's/he's right.
Just like a football match...
Well, me and you sitting next to Kobe = I'll shoot you so Kobe will be next to me alone :D
naah, kidding

@Krystal: hahaha lol yeah Kobe's gorgeous man! he got good family, beautiful wife, and he's living legend. Complete!

Anonymous said...

Oh so in love with the prada shoes!!! lovely inspiration

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