Monday, February 21, 2011

When in frustrating time, go find some muse

...and these woman-thingy really helped me (and my eyes) thru the hustling bustling day!
I really want to write some of significant changes I've been dealing with recently.. 
But I guess next time, 'cause even now I'm posting this during my break of a pile of work assignments.. sheez.

I'm gonna try to make this!

Guess whose House is this? McQueen, baby...

fairy braidy, so pretty!

never fails cracking me up!

Are you virgo, girl?

Ola, Ju, me love ya! :p

the skyscraper shooooooes <3

Me at the newspaper office (now it is my old office, so sad to leave but ready to seize another chance+challenge...). Anyway, I didn't get tipsy though ;)

At least now I have weekends, such a brightside baby!
*don't you realize I changed my hair style? hohoho


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