Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From a secret intention to actions

People judge you by your actions, not by your intentions.

Don't complain and tell people you're gonna fail, 
just shut the hell up 
and use that time to make sure that you don't.

These two photos are my current muse, taken from here

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Challenge and surrender

"Being challenged in life is inevitable, 
being defeated is optional...
~ Roger Crawford

However, no matter how hard I strove for my own goal to be accomplished, I ended up being defeated? Why oh why, Mr Crawford?

Don't get me wrong. I really am grateful of what I have and the process that brings into this kinda-me right now -- even though I am definitely still progressing my self. I know my weakness, my limitations, I know I can resist the bad situation which comes in front of my face. And I realize what my strengths and my plus are. I do not tick the option of losing something I really want to achieve. Besides, "challenge" is always on my top row in my dictionary. Slapping hard the faces of "surrender" and "fail" are my daily principle (I don't care that many millions fails have put me down and I got up again. lesson learned).

One thing that I cannot even figure out yet until now is: When I am being defeated in any kind of (call it) assignment, task, results and else; I immediately feel down, like a big fat looser, I do feel hopeless. Yes I fail. Nope, I don't give up. Upset and feel useless, it's true:

When I get to know my effort is worthless in somebody's eyes. 
When I figure out I am the only chameleon in a place while everyone else has their own comfy-friends to laugh with (doesn't mean that I do not try hard to mingle with).
When I witness I decrease my skill and lose my bad habit slowly, and somebody else shows me how to get things done perfectly.
When I get a big chance to develop myself and I know none can determine my way, but they do it successfully although it happens without my permission (obviously).
When I feel so alone, on the other side I know God always holds my hands tight.
When I feel like talking and hanging out with my family orgood friends, but I know they are not here and cannot be here with me.
When I so know people see me as a freaking stranger, and I see them as strangers too.
When I need to dance my feet off, but I need to hold it for an unspecified moment.

It's not the end of the world. It's not a mayday.
But it is an empty jar of cookies.
It's like a box of chocolate without its tasty chocolates.

These days, it 's been happening a lot.

Anyone can help me fighting back this screw-myself-up feeling?
What do you think? Really need your frankly thoughts anyway.. God bless ya :)

Visited this place with a raft last Saturday with Sorowako Photography Society, located in Lake Matano (Ide Beach) while we're on our way to the nearest oldest village in the town called Nuha Village.

Have a beautiful days!

Friday, March 11, 2011

First weeks live Sorowako

It has never been this nice. It has never been this hectic. It has never been this green. It has never been this loaded. It has never been this…. homesick.

And finally, Internet connection!!!!

I am typically a person who easily fall my tears down, whatever some heart-touched moment happens. Well, it’s not a self-labeling posting or the like, but I feel like talking to myself that I now know who I am and what I want (about “what I want”: it’s not 100% fixed that I won’t change my mind of moving to another dream, you know.)

Last time I worked as a proofreader/try-to-learn-how-to-be-a-dummy-editor-for-daily-newspaper and contributor (writing some not-hard-news article; but likely features, profile, community and cyber review thingy). Now I work in a Change Management team of an IT system (SAP)-usage transition, as a writer in the communication team of second biggest nickel (mining) company in the world. Sounds pretty hard, eh? Yup, it is.

I have been surviving on my new job since Feb. 22 (even though I had to work on some stuff before I officially started to work. It violated my contract, didn’t it? hahahaa). For about two weeks I still stayed in Jakarta to work, like 9-6 work time and MOST of the time I arrived at home at around 8 or 8:30 in the noon. With all about pile of checking articles, writing some assignment, interviewing people, attending meeting like billion times everyday. There were always 2-4 meetings everyday, from the morning I came to the office until the time I must have left the office = meetings all the time.

Now I am in Sorowako, South Sulawesi (Google it if you’re curious about this beauuuutiful small town). Been here for about five days, to work of course (now, this sounds awful…). My another-boss told me that this kind of transition application to SAP happened ONCE at a time (within 10-15 years) in a company. Unless there is a new IT system to apply in the future, then we’ll have to form a new project again. Do I picture it clearly enough, readers? :D

my mom and 2nd bro

Before getting to Sorowako, I stayed overnight in Makassar for a day. I took off from Jakarta at 11:45 on Saturday. I hugged tight my mom, my youngest brother cried (his face was so rofl..hahaha miss him already), I kissed my dad, my younger bro looked cold (as always) but I so knew he was going to miss me like crazy because there’d be nobody in home that would yell and remind him to wash dishes and keep everything clean and in an order. I miss them now, and every single day I do my pray (shollu) I always, always wish them a very best of health and luck.
in Losari Beach, Makassar
Palung Butung Ice
Epe Banana

There were about 16 people from the project stayed in Makassar. I with my 7 new friends/workmates explored the city, tasted the local foods and visited the beach outside the hotel we stayed in. The foods were awesome (I thought I gained weight already ugh). From a big size of Konro Bakar (Roasted Ribs) to Pisang Epe (Roasted Epe Banana with chocolate/durian/cheese/peanut butter topping sauces), and not to forget Pisang Ijo (Green Banana Ice) and Palung Butung (Banana ice with syrup, sorry I cannot describe it clearly…). Then we moved from spot to spot, hired a public transportation, made a traffic in the streets lol, and all of that dumby activities hahaha.. sorry Makassar people, peace out!

On Sunday in the morning, we had our nutritious and delicious breakfast and got ready to go to Sultan Hasanuddin Airport and flew to Sorowako. The aircraft we used was a 40-people capacity, a small Fokker plane. It was so thrilling that I could see the baling-baling and wheels were in and out from the window.

Arriving at the small airport, I felt like I was in some place in Africa and would do safari and national geographic stuff. Or maybe in some remote areas in Cuba or Greenland. Then I had to pick up my luggages. Anyway, I haven’t talked about my huge luggages. I brought a big luggage, two big traveling bags, a backpack to carry my laptop and everything with me and a camera bag. My friends mostly packed their clothes in boxes gave by the company, so they didn’t bring that much of luggages like I did. Damn. Well, at least I don’t have to unpacking and every anymore. I dislike packing-unpacking and everything about it. I loooove, love traveling. But packing stuff? Nay, sorry. Hahahaha (That’s the reason I prefer to be a backpacker to a traveler with a huge load of luggages).

my new friends/workmates

The first time I finally woke up and looked out to the window to Sorowako in the airplane, what I felt was: “is this for real? Beautiful is not the best adjective even to picture this view.. oh God…”

Seriously, Sorowako (from up there) looks like this little island surrounding by all grouping trees called forest, then there’s a huge lake (which now I know it’s Lake Matano, the third deepest lake in Indonesia – around 600 meters depth; and the eighth in the world.), with a light brown sites of the nickel mining of the company. And when I stepped out of the airplane, I heard this loud sounds of cricket, baby blue sky, white clouds, a big hill…. Uh oh I can’t seem to describe them more. Just so pretty…

I was beyond excited to handle everything at a time, and imagines the work loads, I felt “I can handle that!”. Hahaha, thanks to nature and this environment. I came to a thought, when I got back to Jakarta, I would not get this view outside my home, and even better, outside my meal-time! You should know, the dining house called TAB in Salonsa is one of my fav place (aside of its delicious and mouth-drooling foods, of course). When people are having their meals – they be the breakfast, lunch or dinner – we then sit around the dining table, and we’re given the Lake Matano view straightforwardly! Oh my… I never miss the chance to sit toward the lake though. It’s soothing me and releasing me from the awesome (read: pressuring) work I’ve gotta do.

Furthermore, Sorowako is a regency in South Sulawesi actually. We live in a range from Sorowako to Salosa and Pontada. It does not only has the company’s house complex, dorms, bus shelters, guest houses; but also has the tennis court, bar and lounge (the name is “Wet Monkey”. What do you think? haha), gymnasium, futsal field, ojek (motorcycle taxi), traditional markets, many hotels and hostels, restaurants, a small convenient store named “Toko Baru” (in English: “New Store”), and many more. These facilities and buildings belong to the Sorowako people and some of them belong to the company. In the Lake site, there are many rafts to sail away through the sparkling and tempting lake. Most rafts are foreigners’ private property. However, there are also some belong to native people and we can rent them for around Rp 200,000 – Rp 300,000 (around US$22.8 - $34.2).

The roads here had been asphalt and smooth. The streets are quite empty, only some company’ hunky cars from the mining sites, some trucks, cars, SUV, minivan cars, and Sorowako people’s cars, bikes and motorcycles. Foreigners here are from Canada, Australia and Brazil. Some cute guys are here, but I have no courage to get to know them hahahaha.. never mind. And when project team arrives from Jakarta by the end of this Sunday, there will be more foreigners (besides Canadians, some are Japanese, Koreans, Indians, Brazilians as well, Singaporeans, Malaysian), the rest people are absolutely beautiful Indonesians.
One of a statue in Giri Kesuma Temple, Sorowako

Soroako city from the sea

Giri Kesuma Temple in Soroako for Hindus

People originally from Makassar and Sorowako have this characteristic to speak loudly like an angry people. They have certain accent and terms putting in their sentences. If Singlish speakers speak like, “I can no do it la..”. Native people here are like, “Mau pesan apa ji?” (in English: “What do you want to order ji?”). The “ji” is like a suffix on every sentence or words. I haven’t learned more of this, but later I will do.

About my job, I am in a team called Change Management (and just knew from a Brazilian workmate that in Portuguese it’s called Gestão de Mudanças – I forgot how to spell it…) and we get Gunung Batu as our office.

If you remember the movie Jurassic Park II from Steven Spielberg, the place where you step in to the office or kitchen, and glance through the window, you may see all plants and green view.

When you reach out the trees from the office’s window with your hands, you can touch them.
When you’re in the office and working on the deadline, you really hear the crickets’ sounds loudly like a live music.

In the early evening at around 4 pm, you may found any flying bugs on the top of your laptop screen.

When you’re in the car riding to this Gunung Batu office, you may find a rather average giant lizard (it’s called biawak, not komodo. Thank God!) walking slowly like a douche bag on the road and you have to stop for a while for it to pass by.

When you’re in need for chocolate bars, snacks, no Dr. Pepper but some global brands of foods or beverages, milk, soda, and more; you have to go to another place by car or motorcycle.

When you pass the portal, bordering a place of the company’s workplace/office/mining site, you have to show your badge or if you don’t have it yet; you may put your id card (KTP) and write on a form in guest book.

Inside the jurassic park-taste office hahaha (still empty for the first week)

One thing that missing is: No dinosaurs. No T-rex’s voice.
Don’t count lizards as dino.

Matano Lake
Eventually, I think this posting is far too long now, it has been parted to two postings. Now I may find other things to post about as it may bore the visitors or readers on my blog (if any…).

I miss my family in Jakarta. I miss the smell of my room, the situation, mom’s yell in the morning to wake my bros up and everything about it. But yeah, I can cope with it. Still texting them, calling mom as well (sorry Mom, if I text/call you one hour earlier to your timezone area).

Wish there is at least one or two pterodactyl and stegosaurus here showing up! No Tyrex please, but the baby would be awesome.
I mean it, no kidding!

Still in the Lake area
The Lake Matano view at 6:00 am

Have a great day!

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