Friday, April 22, 2011


I totally agree with the prover, "Home is where the heart is".
I got my flyback to home -- Jakarta, baby -- and, yes, it is my home.
I am even still trying to figure this out though. Often, I mock about how hectic, messy and unorganized this smoking hot city can be; 
but in the end, when I came back and put my butt on its seat, I felt like I'm ALIVE.
Aside from the fact that my family is here, I really grasp my energy (I mean it, all my fricking energy!) and my mind (huh?) and my... confidence here! 
Crazy how my own thought turned against me by myself...

But yeah I am proud to say that my heart belongs to this city, where my family is here.
Well, I dunno what I'll probably say if my family moves to somewhere else, that'd be another case haha

Still enjoying this city for a couple of days left (Thanks for the Easter Day, it means loooong weekend; but not the work, oh crappy crap!)

National Monument -- Jakarta's remarkable symbol, what's up eh?

Have a great day, pretty people...



Anonymous said...

i agree 100%. i may live somewhere else or want to live somewhere else just because i want to live my life but no matter what, every time i go back home to L.A. or to the philippines, there's this strong connection, of belongingness. home is definitely where the heart is, not because we don't live there anymore it doesn't mean we aren't connected. given that this is why i bleed purple and gold (all the haters can suck it cause i ain't got no time to listen to their bitching) ... oh, and so do you! LAKERS, baby! xxx

I Live For It said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! Just stumbled on your blog and I love it! Super original and fun! Love what you cover. :)

We are following you now! Hope you'll visit us some time!

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

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