Friday, April 8, 2011



Long time no see and touch and check everything here..
Nothing's changed significantly, aside from the facts that my blogger friends have been updating their blogs everyweek -- if not every day. And I feel bad now.
I have lost my appetite to update my blog, post some little tiny unimportant things about my life and so on and so on.

It happened because (after finding a time to sit and think bout this by myself) my mind was corrupted by the work and everything related to this freaking job. It needs me to be more detail in everything, put more attention and effort with everything I must do, and ignore my personal interests for couples of weeks (it's damn hard!).

I realize this is a responsibility and consequences I must take. A greater job, a greater risks.
With this exprience, I truly believe: Money is not everything, but it's hard to obtain. I mean, with the skills and tasks I have to do, I become this person who see money in its another side: valuable.

Once I saw an edgy, cute top or dress or jeans, I directly went to the fitting room. If it was well-suited me, I hit the cashier and tadaaa! Money wen off either from the ATM or wallet.
Not only some clothing and SHOES (haaaa! My bad, Imma shoe-whore...), I was keen to spend my every penny on gadgets, hanging out with friends, mommy and family, and I forget what things I used to do...
But slowly the bad habit fades, and my mom never get bored telling me to saving saving and saving for my own goodness.
Thanks, mom!

Now with my real work world, I kind of thinking million times spending money on things I probably do not really need. Need and want are obviously different. I try to nod on "needs" more, and only say yes to my wants when I reach personal-achievement and buy me some gift as reward.

I feel it is hard, esp. for woman, to saving money. Surrounding by traveling eagerness and completing gears for the slr, plus my feminine-side of sounds.
It's like: Doing meditation while I hear people yell out the words "shoes, blouse, lenses, bags, India, Lombok, blablabla...".

Plus, this one particular thing bothers me much recently. I must encounter a reality that there's always somebody who talks in a very unmannered way. The way he delivers or states his point is seriously hurting my dignity. I mean, if you really want to criticize me, please select appropriate words and see yourself in the mirror. Michael Jackson had long said that in his song, right? (love ya, Daddy MJ!)

This particular person tells an order, critizes something, wants some works done well in his eyes = in a very disrepespectful way. I dislike it.
But yeah, what can I do? Nothing.

I simply go in silence, say "yes" like a dumb person and can only scream in my heart.
Oyeah, it doesn't feel good, it's wrong. But, again, what can I do? I must take orders as they are and do it with the best efforts I can do.

And I know I can do the tasks, with what I have, that's been given on my plate.

But hey, I'm a kick-ass person, I can cope with everything appears in front of my face! Because I also hold on to this faith: God will never give me things to bear if He thinks I can't handle it.

These are shots from the process plant at the time I was there in the touring. The office allowed me and my two workmates seeing and knowing the what-happen-exactly in the plant. Chemcal dusts everywhere, it was also hot, and pretty much exhausting. We must wear respirator,special outfit and boots, ear-plugs and glasses. Overall, the process plat was awesome!

This is (left-right) me, Levina and Lurentia (both are my insane workmates). We stroke a pose in (stupidly) hiphop/street dudes style. The pose fails? PROBABLY! lol

Catch you later, pretty people!
Have a wonderful days...


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Anonymous said...

just get settled with your new life, it'll all work itself out and find blogging back into it someday. i'm just glad we're on twitter :)

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