Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some priceless life lessons...

I have learned that I am responsible of what I do, no matter how I feel towards it.

I have learned that it is attitude that a person should think of while at work, not merely one's position or popularity.

I have learned that silence is the best way to response one's statement which doesn't worth the agument.

I have learned that I have to do what I dream of while I am afraid of doing it.

Thus, treat everybody as the most important person in the world.


Anonymous said...

the first and fourth statements hit a chord. love it. you are growing up! yea, i know, it's hard and annoying sometimes, but you'll see what i'm talking about ... in a few years ... i hope :)

Sunil O (SOS) said...

Interesting and inspiring post.
Keep up the good work.

Meanwhile, you can check my new blog about day-dreaming at
The posts are few, as they are directly dependent on the availability of time for day-dreaming.

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