Saturday, July 30, 2011

Larger than words

"Find something to die for,
and then live for it!"

Photos taken at Ku De Ta, Bali
June 17, 2011

Before the holy month stepping in...

Today is the last day before Ramadhan month started. It means shaum (fasting) is just around the corner to be my daily routine, for a month.

As in Indonesia, which its people are moslem in majority, Ramadhan is seen as both a festivity and religious moment. We are not only doing shaum as only fasting on meals; but emotions, desires, lusts and everything leads to out-of-control human natures are required. 

Well, this year I am not going to shaum with my family as I always did in the past. Sorowako (yes, this none-would-discover-this lil-kampong-until-they-Google-it town) would be my 2011 spot for Ramadhan.

Indeed, my family is in Jakarta. But it isn't  big deal.

I have a new family here (not literally). They're the project friends, living in the same housing complex. I had fun blending in with them, these crazy yet smarty pants (teehee..).
Whilst some of us are not moslems, we indeed appreciate each others though. Isn't it the peace and serene we are yearning for living in this mother Earth? 

Anyway, it's been a long, frigging long time haven't posted anything as my mind felt numb. I knew what to write, but could not find the time to post and put my all heart out into my blog for a while. You know what, the Go Live does not mean workloads are kind of loose. 
But now, I am sort of enjoy my life a little. I have time to do morning jog as I usually did in the past time.
Just happy! :) 

Have a lovely day, everyone...

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Mindfulness is all about paying very very close attention: paying attention when you breathe; when you eat, when you see, when you walk, when you talk, whenever you do anything. 
It involves taking time out to be grateful for every one of our blessings, the things we normally take for granted. 

The followings are used for my own introspection and, personally, there's no intention in trying hard to make people see how blessed they are (we are!) through my way.

Well, have I thanked for things like:

Having a bed to sleep in each night.

Having a roof over our heads.

Having clean water to drink.

Having a brain to think whatever we want to think.

Being able to walk.

Being able to chew and digest food.

Being able to hear birds singing.

Being able to hear lovely music.

Being able to see a gorgeous flower, or a stunning rainbow or a special sunset.

... and many more...

Have a nice day!

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