Sunday, July 24, 2011


Mindfulness is all about paying very very close attention: paying attention when you breathe; when you eat, when you see, when you walk, when you talk, whenever you do anything. 
It involves taking time out to be grateful for every one of our blessings, the things we normally take for granted. 

The followings are used for my own introspection and, personally, there's no intention in trying hard to make people see how blessed they are (we are!) through my way.

Well, have I thanked for things like:

Having a bed to sleep in each night.

Having a roof over our heads.

Having clean water to drink.

Having a brain to think whatever we want to think.

Being able to walk.

Being able to chew and digest food.

Being able to hear birds singing.

Being able to hear lovely music.

Being able to see a gorgeous flower, or a stunning rainbow or a special sunset.

... and many more...

Have a nice day!

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