Friday, October 14, 2011

In the end, I am (still) a woman

You do not need to be shy and passive all the time,
Stand up and let them hear your minds.

You do not need to sound soft and "polite" just to make people notice you're not "impolite",
Speak straightforwardly and hold on your grip.

You do not need to show some skin nor cover some all the time,
It is fine to let people see what yo' mama gave yo'.

You do not need to hide behind the curtain,
The world has to recognize you to give you the spotlight you deserved.

You do not need to diet hard and count calories,
What's the point of living the life to the fullest, and life is once and cannot be repeated?

You do not need to seduce anyone to give you anything,
Bring up your brain, manner and big heart to own the world.

You do not need to beg for love,
Give your unconditional and pure love for everyone and everything, to receive even more than one love.

You do not need to be scared of becoming darker or nerdier when glasses and outdoor are your things,
People don't care of personal things, however those would be your signature.

You do not need to overprotect your lover,
As your lover will clearly see your kind- and whole-hearted love of the freedom you "give".

You do not need to follow others' lifestyle just to be one,
Determining your own lifestyle may make yourself a smoking hot role model to be imitated!

You do not need no sport and movement to tone your body,
Being sporty and healthy are sexy.

You do not need thousands of friends or people to bring you happiness,
Instead, happiness emerges from within you; let people know they don't affect your own happiness.
source: Stockholm Streetstyle


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