Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nothing to lose

Encountered a well-known drama queen, particularly, has given me some lessons to really learn. The pivotal moral would be as a human, or let's say part of society, I shall not be squaring people into boxes.

What are they, a specific endangered species?

Yes, I have a choice to choose my own friends: Whom I will befriend with, whom I will pick as only acquaintances or not-so-close friends, camaraderie and friends for fun only. That's good, really. To pick whom to be closed with means we know what kind of people we'd like to learn life from and behave positively influential for us. At least that is my eye.

Another thing not least important is be real. I really mean it. I have seen some particular "friends of mine" turned into someone else I hardly recognized just because they have involved in another circle of friends. And this circle tended to have a so-called leader that have changed them into a different person. I don't know whether it's they who are really grow up OR who have let other people take control of whatever within them.


My last point, and it would be my another point to learn from, is keep behaving friendly and smiley to everrrrybody. This will help me develop my inner personality and shape my trait as I really want to be flexible and loosen-up in any kind of "circles". 

Treat everyone good, and let God do the rest. Nothing to lose, but definitely many things to gain.

photo by me

Have a shiny day!

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