Sunday, November 20, 2011

When life gives me lemon, try pour some vodka...

Last week, up to this minute, I have been reading God Never Blinks by Regina Brett, which my housemate owns. Thanks God i just finished it right away, because my new two John Grishams' are awaiting.

Well, a glimpse about the author: Regina is a 50-year-old writer, single parent who has been battling cancer, building her spiritual life and working to have peace with her childhood. In my eyes, Regina is a common woman (despite of the gender) who has an ordinary life – like all of us humans – but she's been digging to find the beauty within life; which is a true beauty.

Some people who saw this book might have said, “Oh, self-motivation one?” or “An inspirational and self-help kind of book, isn’t it?” – and you can say that as well. But for me, this book is beyond that self-help, inspiring one. It’s the book that I can have many things to grasp, to apply and to bear in mind. This book is worth the time.

Why did I state that? When I read the book, I was feeling like my clothes were put-off one by one and I was going naked in a time. I'm saying that words by words in several of its lessons (chapters) clearly described life experiences which were a bit similar to me. Practically, Regina puts stories that represent me, which I seemingly would never be able to describe that feeling of my experiences.

Here what I love from the book:

Lesson 2: When in doubt, just take the next right step.
What would I do with my life. The future overwhelmed me… It’s scary to make major changes, but we usually have enough courage to take the next right step. One small step and then another. That’s what it takes to raise a child, to get a degree, to write a book; to do whatever your heart desires… whatever it is, take it!

After I have this moral lesson, I think I know what I should fix and improve within me. I should not see the forthcoming giant future as it would burden me. I should see the outlook within my reach, where my eyes are able to grab and touch it; forget the long, long future dream/goal in which I may be scared to even think about it. Relax, stay calm, focus and have fun with life. I will.

Lesson 4: Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
I was born with the idea that I had to be perfect in all things, because deep down I felt like one big fat nothing at everything. All my life, my brain has set out false warning signals. It constantly tells me that I’m not perfect, I have failed…”

“My brain is color-blind, it sees world in black-white, yes-no, right-wrong, all or nothing. It can’t discern that there are shades of gray coloring everything in life, that the world isn’t a class you take pass-fail. Lighten up. You’re too intense. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Yes, I’m listening, I have been boring listening to this kind of advice and I have been always taking myself too serious, damn it. What can I do? (instead of saying the hey-imma-Virgo-so-please-understand-me excuse). But I can bravely say that I’m working on loosening myself up, and take a deep breath just to ensure that I’m not exhausted living the life I want. If I attempt to work my ass of hard, I have to have fun around harder. I understand that.

Lesson 6: You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
You aren’t going to convince me and I’m not going to convince you, so let’s agree to disagree… That means no one has to be right and no one has to be wrong.

And my criticism-trait has much contributed me to this person I’m living my life now. I comment regarding various things a lot, I argue with people about things – considered important or not – and I often tell people about my opinion and try to tell them what I think is right. Shut the fug up, myself…

I now discern this lesson, and am thinking to keep them in my head – not pouring it out to people around me. I should really, genuinely understand that personal taste can’t ever be argued and stop caring of what people think. Just freaking stop it.

Lesson 15: Everything can happen in a blink of an eye. But don’t worry, God never blinks.
We see the world as fragmented, because we blink. But God, who never blinks, sees the entire universe as we cannot see it. Whole.

Now, tell me. You people, who have yet judged others, spoiled beans, talked dirty and did bitchy in front of anyone else, honestly? Indeed, people will always see the others differently according to what they really see with their eyes. If we are coincidentally caught saying “bad” words, people would label me as “someone” inappropriate to befriend with, or else whatsoever. And this is what I mean that human’s eyes blink. We blink.

We do miss so many things in life – that we have long been expecting not to miss any single seconds of anything. The only way to experience and observe things beyond our limitation is to keep it wise and simple. If you want to judge obviously, keep it inside. If we’re blame for something we didn’t do, they didn’t believe it, let it go. Heaven knows your true color. Humans (we) miss things, but act like we know almost everything. “There is no darkness that is so dark that the light of a single candle cannot pierce it.”

Lesson 16: Life is too short for long pity parties. Get busy living or get busy dying.
“It’s about what is possible when you have the collective will. I had the installation of hope…”

This is what inspires me the most. If I fail on something or don’t get results as expected, I should have not shrink in a sorrow too long. Get back, try it again, do it my utmost, and see the result – over and over again. Nothing to lose and many to gain, right? 

If things seem so hard at first, all I can do to make it easier is only jump on it and do it, learn it and roll it. Fail? Time’s there, waste no breathe and work it! (Talking to the man in the mirror, anyway…)

Lesson 46: No matter how you feel; get up, dress up and show up for life.
Don’t ‘awfulize’ what you’re feeling. The world isn’t ending. You are just experiencing turbulence. The plane is safe. The pilot is good. You’re in the right seat of life. You just hit a patch of bumpy air. Wait. It will pass.

This is the last great lesson I obtained from the book. Face the day vertical instead of surrendering to it horizontally. As woman, dressing up is a good process: we like to adorn and decorate ourselves with beautiful pieces of cloths, rings or bracelets, scarves, shoes, even good, silky hair. We may constantly feel that we can conquer the world today. And that’s a good things, confidence. Show up for life is the gold medal, after all. Go out there and seize anything you plan to get, and let no obstacles cross you to do your best – which is varies.

These are just little insights, that have spiced me some spirit and flame to keep riding my life through a roller-coasting journey… (:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Think unlimited, even if we're truly limited

I can never read all the books I want. I can never be all the people I want. I can never live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. 

And why do I want? 

I want to live and feel all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experience possible in life. 
And I am horribly limited...
-Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Strong is not always about muscle

God doesn't move mountains. 

However, He gives me the strength to climb them.

Photo taken by me at Lembeh strait, Manado

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