Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rain and dance in your parade

Having the right attitude means being able to dance, 
even its raining on your parade...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

For we don't play nice...

"It's hard to judge where to draw the line between being nice, 
not hurting people's feelings
and standing up for what you truly believe..."
-just my thought-

with good friends/workmates in a project night event

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Morning thought

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oddness revolved

Recalling my past days in few weeks back, I have apparently lost appetite in running some errands: blogging and writing. I came up with this conclusion this morning: I was probably just too exhausted to pour in my mind and let them flow out. 

Getting back from work -- I'm not complaining, please note -- I feel pretty tired, and even feel sick just too open up my laptop. If it's not really emergency or not really that excited to edit some photographs, I'm not going to touch my laptop. I was about to throw up for odd things happened lately. Odd things; I am saying that.

To summarize these oddities (in case you, strangers, want to know my perspective of it), check these out:

Odd 1
What are you saying if you have this new workmate (happened to be a paid intern) came in for some assignments, from my lost-and-found boss, then disappeared, then back again; 'till the bird-saying reached me  informing that this new workmate is depressed of family issue and workloads in the office? 

What would you say if your team was dragged in this workmate's issue, being discussed, and a supervisor decided to transfer this workmate to another team; then telling us that this workmate was (abruptly) happy and felt fit with the team? This is not the thing she/he has to do with his/her fams nor his/her workloads. This has to be something with her/himself; he/she has issues with her/himself. 

Darn it for any discussion when that workmate spilling words and me & the team might look like a crap. She/he needs to learn some work ethic, mental and attitude. Period.

Odd 2  
I would never ever again in my life borrowing this person's (or even others) property, for any cases. 

I just got my lesson, that I missed to put this property back to its place (which I always do everytime I borrow somebody else's items). Then this person told me in not-so-a-nice-way to bring the thing back by myself, as I was the one who borrowed it.
Well, I tried to always be a woman of my words. So with my bf's kindness, I brought the thing back to that person's house and all done.

I knew I was wrong and I admitted that. I said sorry from the deepest bottom of my heart, and I truly felt like I was the biggest sinner on Earth because of that. But then I thought, that's that. All them went well again, but with my view to that person. It's not going to be the same, though.

Odd 3

I do not give any craps to what people and friends may state about anything I like or I wear. As long as I am happy and comfy with it, I would just go for and with it. 

I remember this: I wasn't born to Earth to please everyone AND This is me who's going to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.

Odd enough? Well, maybe not for you; but it is for me.
Life's bitch. But Imma be bitch-er, even :)

An evening sky in Komodo, taken by my bf :)


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