Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Letter to Myself...

My dear Amelia,

How are you doing there? Fine, I do sincerely hope you are. 

I am doing great here. I have been traveling around to the corner of the world, seeing things I haven’t imagined before; smelling scents of new rooms, places, and even the mists of different oceans; and – my favorite part so far – tasting various foods, snacks and drinks that you would really love too if you were here.

Above and beyond these adventurous yet thrilling experiences, I am still missing something. Something that is not new, but can make my days like brand new. I’m not overstating, but this “thing” is you. Yes. You, Amelia.

Those old days where we were just a couple of new lovebirds, I felt so attached with you. I remembered well that almost everyday we met and I didn’t get bore of it.

You’re a person that is so one in a million. You always threw a unique opinion of random things and topic we often talked about. At first, I was confused. However, through times I got to know you better and we got to know each other better, you looked even more attractive.

You are indeed a shy girl. You prefer to shut your mouth and keep calm, rather than rambling and being talkative, in a situation where many friends and people are there. You do not like crowded so much and tell me that you get dizzy whenever there are simply too many people, too many sounds and movements. 

You love to spend your time alone (with books, laptop, DVDs, internet, blog and me? No? Oh crap…) than gather with people; even though you opt to hang out with close and good friends, not some casual friends and acquaintances you rarely interact with.

I also miss the way you hug me, bear hug precisely. It was not that strong, actually. But when I bear-hugged you back, you were like panting, and that was cute. Speaking about cute, do you recall what it felt like when I whispered to your ear? How about that smackdown time when you tried to knock me down but always failed? Hahaha… Those were totally adorable. You are adorable.

When I talk with you, I can almost discuss everything. Your slightly care towards our government, the politic scenes, philosophy, health and fitness, foods, fashion, some stupid useless topics… I find that wonderful and funny all at once especially when I caught your facial expression that was so energetic and on fire.

Well, I may not nice to you all the time, nor bring happiness to you. I try to balance everything, with your swinging PMS mood, and understand situations. This letter is the only way I can put up with my feeling now. I miss you and love you. Please, do not ask how I can show you the love that I have; and I know that you always there, holding my heart that I have given to you to look after.

So, we’re going to be a long-lasting best friends, siblings and lovers; aren’t we?

Yours sincerely,
A lover

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