Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2012 Pledge: Confidence, Smile and Aware

Recalling the last 365 days in 2011, I was blessed with million things I had experienced. Finished the bachelor’s study one step ahead before my 2011 class officially graduated, got a more responsible job after more than 1.5 awesome year in an English-language newspaper troupe, moved to a remote village with GMT +8 timezone for the work and learned priceless things during the routine of work pressure and deadlines.

Not to mention, 2011 gave me a chance to travel the mid and east regions of Indonesia. Traveling, to me, means to see the world through a different point of view; to experience living in a brutality – out of familiar self-comfort zone; to breathe the same oxygen under similar sky in such different circumstances; and to impulsively open wide these eyes of mine to witness whatever happens around.

Moreover, who would have known I might bump into a cold-faced, scuba diving freakish man who then turned into mon chéri

Twelve months, 24 hours, seven weeks of 2011 had brought me several weakness points that I considerably need to review. I am conscious that some of my weaknesses have been probably fading and going away; while some others are still here with me, they love me, and I do not love them at all.

Frankly to say, I dare myself to cease my relentless weaknesses to achieve my dreams in the year of the Dragon and Water – according to what I read on this webpage of Chinese years. Again, I frequently tell myself not to obsess anything too much.

The KISS philosophy has been sticked on my door’s room to refresh me of living the life: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). As some of you may remember, being a Virgo is a damn hard destiny. Not that I forget how to have fun and laugh, but the perfect-oriented and hard thinking habit are merely as painful as having Brazillian wax.

To keep myself provoked of why I publish this year’s resolution on my blog in the first place, thus I solemnly pledge allegiance to myself, and only my own self, that these below resolutions are not going to be my 2012 law of life – but to be come in real, in order to outshine my life day by day.

1. Braver to speak my mind and stand on my opinion to people. Walk and bring myself in a more confidence manner in front of any situation, people and condition.
2. More gracious and sociable by giving more smiles to anyone – friends, families, loved ones, acquaintances, neighbors or strangers.
I need to have more courage to make a small talk and help to strangers I encounter in the road, transportation and anywhere. Last year’s been good, but it’s not enough :)
3. Keep in touch and stay close with my good ol’ fellas, while the fresh folks are not disregarded.
4. More aware and look after myself: My healthy skin (as it’s getting darker because of my sea, beach and sunshine addictions), shiny and sexy wavy hair, pinkish nails, firm and toned body (and my big butt!), fresh face and smiley face, beneficial foods and spiritual soul.
5. Add in some optimism and positive thoughts in the morning for a great whole day – no matter how gorgeous life will grill me that day.
6. Get a more challenging, high-level job and face the work-life competition. I’d be a bitch if I should really do that. This time, I’ll walk the confidence talk...
7. Balancing my work life, dreams (master’s degree and being an entrepreneur!), family, hobby and love life. Balance ‘em all, biatch!
8. Go on a voyage across Indonesia more (amin to that!) – while traveling overseas is yet on my list. This is Indonesia, dudes!
9. Purchase what I need, not what I think it looks good on me or simply it’s cool.
10. Do extra saving. Do more donation for those unfortunate.

So, have you made your 2012 resolution? A list of points to accomplish, maybe? Or you’d rather keep it to yourself?
Are you satisfied with your last year’s life? Would you want to make a gigantic improvement this year?

The IAT aircraft was about to take-off. (shot by Amelia Winnie)

Happy New Year’s 2012 and have a gorjes days ahead!


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