Saturday, February 11, 2012

Undersea serenity


I used to imagine the underwater sensation was a little bit creepy and frightening. At least I concluded that from some nature-related television channels. You know, the water elevates you from the Earth gravitation; you wear the scuba gear and tank that allow you to breathe; some fish and crustaceans swim all over you and only heaven knows what follows you; no sounds heard but the bubbles from your regulator; and more of the like.

Pardon me, myself, but those all are apparently wrong. 

I experience it myself that breathing beneath the undersea is relaxing. As I am a lover of peace and tranquility, I truly appreciate any calm and non-dramatic situation (even though I love TV drama series). After the fourth dives in the gulf of Bone, Southeast Sulawesi, I don't need to ask myself whether this is enjoyable or not. When I kick the fins to move ahead, perceive colorful fish and corals, amused by the anemone and clown fish;I see nothing but the water around me, the light from the sun above me and buddies in front of and the back of me.

It is deserted and quiet. Breathing deep and slowly, I move in adagio and thus can enjoy everything the sea offers. Another precious feeling is nobody talks. Yes. After days and days all my ears could hear is people's voice. The talks, the yells, the laughs, people. And down there, every time we want to inform each other, warn and ask about gauge bars and safety stop, we simply bang the tank and make hand codes. How could it be more serene than that?

I can't wait for the next dives, though!

Have a lovely day, dear people!

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