Friday, March 2, 2012

It is a puzzle of complexity

"Simplicity is not a simple thing." 
- Charles Chaplin

Local fishermen on Gulf of Bone, Southeast Sulawesi, smiling widely while enjoying the sunlight and daily routine of fishing (photo by me).

I have been living in Jakarta for almost the whole years of my life. Bouncing back to Jakarta from another city on another island has been my life this past a year. I can recall how I can survive through the Jakarta's jam-packed street and its hella traffic without any significant complaints and thoughts. But this time, it's a bit different.

Having a time to relax and refresh my mind for a while by going home -- which is in Jakarta -- has given me a second thought of why once I thought I would be spending most of my time here. I don't want it anymore. And if you ask me why, I think I can be a little old-fashioned or old at heart. After a year doing my job in a remote area, I can assure myself that trees, nature, lake or sea, the blue sky with birds chirping are (seriously) rarely found here in Jakarta. As for me, it's the mind and soul that hunger. Aside of that, I hardly discover simplicity here.

With many shopping malls and cafes offering one-stop entertainment here and there, how could it not alter people's lifestyle? It is the lifestyle, right? You think you could handle yourself not to be indulged by the evilish, bedazzling lights of stores, people's street style or gossips all around the city's corner.You think you could be humble in every step you make, but you didn't. You think you could say wisely in every words you spit, but you didn't.

You will not always accomplish the simplicity of life unless you really make-up your mind and review yourself of what you want; what you need and what you can make the most of yourself. Simplicity, as Chaplin said, is not that simple. Another renowned one said, simplicity is not for the twisted thoughts. Choose simplicity, even if you are a complex, twisted minded person whatsoever.

My point of view is simplicity can be found anywhere and applied in life everytime. Whenever you choose what to wear in the morning, what to say in a conversation, what to pick in lunch time, what to do when meeting new people (smile as friendly as you'd be or keep it cool?), what to polish in the eye and many more.

Imagine if everyone (emphasizing in Jakartans) make things simple; by minimizing our ego, selfish, desire and the appetite of having everything in life. Life would be much at ease if we often live in simpleness, because we won't be hungry for sumptuousness. On the other hand, if we always live in luxury, we want everything perfect and relaxing, it'd be sort of difficult to live simple and humble. What about you suddenly get in the downwards of the life's spinning wheel?

“Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.”
Lao Tzu

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