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This blog was made to help give people who struggle with motivation reasons to become fit…

I had followed this “Reasons to be Fit” tumblr account since long time ago, once I had saved some of its inspiring pictures to encourage me in exercising again, but then I just forgot that it even existed.

Sitting back behind the laptop of my working desk at the office with no-frustrating piles of assignment, I checked my tumblr just like that. The reason? Simply because my office blocks social media networking sites (including, everybody!), but not tumblr. In fact, had tumblr account. But most of the times, I only re-blog and post pictures and quotes. Nothing that really narrative posting just like my blogspot does, as for me tumblr is more fascinating for pictures, colors and quotes. Oh, and I like some food recipes and fashion tumblr blogs, they’re beautiful!

Back to the topic, “Reasons to be Fit” blog amazes me repeatedly. I have no idea who behind this stirring fitness blog. She/he would be awarded for being a great, creative motivator. Here I tell you why: The pictures represent the affecting words of each of its “Reasons” why on earth you should be fit and mind your health. From reason #1 to the current one, they’re all like the “envoy” of my unspeakable minds.

Doesn’t matter if you once have done routine exercise, join some sport clubs or even gym ratter; but now, somehow you are no longer practicing them (or keep doing them for one, two times a week only) because the job keeps you busy. And, you are in need of a great pusher to break you out of this damned work situation, but more and more excuses plus fatigue hold you back from this longing-to-work-out that you really want to do.

These are six “Reasons” from the blog that egging on me much to bring my active exercise life back for my own sake:

#8 - To treat your body how it deserves to be treated

I cannot forget how Parkour has affected me. Even though I am no longer active in the training, I am blissful to learn many things of physical and fitness condition, training exercises, breathing system and stretching steps from Parkour. Recalling that Parkour is for everyone, it invites me not to limit what I can and can’t do, see no boundaries, BUT still listen to my own body.

Body is the physical asset that I have. This is the only thing I will be walking with, doing with and living with until the end of time. If I want to achieve what I’ve been dreaming of, with this body of mine, so why wouldn’t I treat it nice? In the end, this body supports me in each steps I make.

The body deserves healthy foods as its fuels, for the skin, the digestive system, the eyes and more. It also deserves exercises the keep the muscles strong, the long stamina as well as the body tones. Who wouldn’t want that huh? Anyway, most of women’s cases especially (this is only my personal observation), we mostly treat our faces without really pay much attention to the other parts of body. Starting now, bear it in mind that your every part of body is worth of your awareness to be taken care of.

#65 - Because I’m tired of making excuses

This is undeniably true. I find myself excessively making excuses. Such as: “I can do it tomorrow morning, though. I’m sure I can wake up and just grab the running shoes then go running for about 20 minutes” or “Today’s plan would be the late afternoon jogging.” Then I was failure to make it happen for a little reason, and just let it be.

When I skip my plan to jogging, I indeed feel sad because I can’t fulfill my own plan and thing doesn’t go as designated. But so what? I still have tomorrow, and I can complete it the next day. The following day, if not. Well, how about the next following day? And the excuses go on…

Damn, I am tired of this. Why fussing with such small little reason if you can go sweaty, have some endorphins out there and make yourself happy afterwards?

#75 - To feel powerful after a nice, long run

This is what I really feel after a long, panting run: Happy, strong, positive and I-am-happy-and-want-to-die feelings, as I am breathless.

Whenever I think of “I’m going to go jogging today”, I can imagine how I’d be feeling later. This makes me even more committed to the jogging-plan. And thus, I need to remember how it feels like to encourage me to go exercising and not find excuses whatsoever.

#99 - To have something to smile about, even when…

Even when I’m in my PMS, bad mood or something that pisses me off on the day. Even when I run out my ‘smile’ for the day. Even when I get homesickness. Even when I miss those whom I love. And I do need the endorphins to keep me alive.

#161 – ‘Cause at the end of the day, MY health is MY responsibility

As aforementioned, I don’t mind repeat that health is precious. Health is personal. If you think you have family, friends and people around that will cover you for you bad health; you got it wrong, honey. You are the one who swallow the taste of illness and the one who will be in crying to have your healthy life back.

#257 - For the self-confidence I’ve always lacked

Self-confidence, aah.. this always is my weakness. What is happening with me? On my 22 years old, I should be having the utmost confidence of my life. “The most beautiful thing woman can wear is confident”. I am not that shy, but I am not so self-assured. And after finishing a long jogging, I could feel my level of confidence rises up. The endorphins work. And I ask myself, “Why the hell can you find a short time for a 30-minute exercise out of the 24 hour/day?”. Nah, not another excuse!

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