Sunday, July 1, 2012

Things about (so-called) professionalism

Everyone may have different viewpoints of what professionalism looks like in either social or work life. As that is so, I have been starting to recognize slowly what this noun may or may not refer to. I see it from simply all the situation occurs around me and how I react to the condition. 

From my first experience in group-assignment while in college, group presentation or teamwork discussion, I could identify which persons were douche-bag and which were pleasurable to work with. I was aware with the way they delivered opinion, feedbacks or even questions (hey, you couldn’t ask things that were explained clearly earlier, could you? Well, unless you skipped it going to the rest room). 

I have been a person who pursues “perfection” ‘coz I know I’m working it out hard. When you give your 100% efforts, you’re going to get your dream as you have wished – it’s only about time anyway. And when one of your team act like she’s/he’s going to screw it, dammit, he/she needs to be dragged out – politely or impolitely. 

As I stepped in to the work life, the situation changes similarly but different. Confused? Let me explain: This person has an accountability to complete an assignment and the deadline is, let’s say, next Monday. When the person gives the job done on Monday, but not as you expected the outcome would be completed with that person optimum attempt, what would you feel? Disappointed. Deeply. 

The difference is this workmate still get the job accomplished and not neglect it. The similar thing is it is just another “lazy” result. Oh, what about the way one speaks to others, does it count? Hell yes. 

I disregard a person who talks bossy, domineering and know-it-all. I loathe a person who speaks to me as if I’m his/her minion and I can’t do great things. I despise a person who always implicitly defense with any words and excuses in a conversation. 

Meanwhile, I adore a person who talks friendly, open with criticisms, likes to ask for my point of view without judging he/she is right all the time. And I honor the person who doesn’t whine with things need to be finished, let them uncomplicated or tough issues. I can’t miss observing people’s talking behavior as that reflects their personality and work ethics. It’s essential in life because we’re social creatures, right? 

Even though you can’t make everyone likes you, but you can make most good, close people feel just comfy near you. Well, professionalism may be easier said and done. However, it’s never too late to try it out and see if you can make a gradual progress with being a nice, professional worker and folk. 

At least, the first thing you can figure it out is whether you talk humbly to others. You decide :)

Have a beautiful day!

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