Saturday, August 11, 2012

The plans

Doesn't it feel nice when you have been having a rough, hectic weeks and find out that holiday is just near in the corner?

For me, it feels like having a paycheck right after going through some tough days. It all pays off in the end, and who says life isn't fair? As the Ramadan holy month is only few days ahead, Ied Fitr holidays (which actually are two days only) are the big surprise. I get to flying back home to Jakarta and meet my family. I'm already smelling my mum-made Lebaran foods, the sweet smokes of cookies and the great feeling of Ied Fitr's praying in the morning. 

Speaking of Jakarta, I have some plans to do regarding to myself, a little hang out with my brothers as well and some serious shopping (pardon me, but this is called a mental, retail therapy for jungle girl! hehe). Well, I can imagine this year's celebration won't be different with the previous ones. They were calm and warm, I didn't go out much but visiting close families and friends. Honestly, I am fine with it, because for me the great holy day is all about finding your better self. The most essential point is I should become a nicer person than I was. You upgrade your life after all, right?

After Lebaran days, I have planned to have a drop-dead uwhsome trip to remote, exotic islands that I won't tell you now. Nah, if I spill the beans now, it would not be fun! Secret's sexy, isn't it? The islands have been my dream in the bucket list, and finding the right time having the trip to the islands with my bf and good fellas are God's gift. We will be doing scuba diving trip and ocean adventure overall. The time like these will not come twice, so I'm so ready to pack my bag and just go!

So, what's your story for the past weekends and few days ahead?

Have a huge day!

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sioranges said...

have a great holiday and warm lebaran day amel.. *hug*

minal aidin wal faidzin, sorry for all mistakes.. :D

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