Sunday, September 9, 2012

Feliz aniversário

Today’s just another sluggish weekend when mostly I spent hours of valuable time staring and scrolling crazily on the Net. Whatever they are Facebooking, Twittering, blogging, photo editing or simply writing something popped in my head. One special moment was baking my own frozen Tiramisu Cheese Cake with my beau. Well, it could’t get much better.

The different thing would be this Sunday is my birthday. Each day of my birthdays, as long as I remembered, were ordinary. No sparkling, super joyful parties ever threw out. Cakes or dinner treat?? I bought them myself for everyone to enjoy. What else… Uhm, birthday gift? The best gift would be the last year’s from this guy: A trip to Bira Bay in Sulawesi – where I could put my snorkeling and swimming lessons into action (and the lobsters were uber luscious!).

This year I turn 23 yrs old. Doesn’t it feel great? No. I want my 21 yrs old back, anyway, and forever 21 (literally, not that clothing brand) that I dolphinately adore. A 21-yrs-old woman can never go wrong with anything, instead she must still adapt to the rapid surroundings about how to act and react. And the thing that I cannot change is the running time.

Everyone keeps saying wisely that age wouldn’t bother you if you just grow with your heart, thought and experience – not the number of age (and wrinkles). However, that saying sucks. Well, it is applicable if you’re in the mood of positive thinking of “I don’t care about my age, it doesn’t define who I am and what I will do”. Come on, I am sure each one of you MUST BE thinking that you’re getting old, life’s getting harder, work’s going more insane and everyone’s judgments and expectations are getting more and more excruciating.

The night before my birthday, I wanted to be happy but I just wasn’t. I had this conversation with my Creator whether I could still be 22 yrs old this year – of course He responded, “Are you kidding me, gurl?”. As I am far from my family in Jakarta, I didn’t expect them to call or text me to say “Happy biiiiiiirthday, daughter/sister!”. And my friends here (and all over the social media sites), really, I never wanted those wishes upon my face. It is not that I don’t thank you guys, but it’s (again) a little unbearable. Thank you very much for the wishes, I appreciate it that you spared some time to posting the wishes to this corny birthday girl.

By the way, If people ask me about my wishes, that will be millions. Why don’t I just simplify the wish list into three? In the end, it’s my birthday and I have to accept I wholeheartedly. The wishes (or seem more like to-do-list):

  1. Fatten my saving so I can use them later for my future investment and asset; and cut the tendency of buying stuff I don’t need. Who doesn’t want to be rich and happy? This resulted from my latest reading of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Financial literacy is a must for people who want to make their dream of being ‘rich’ comes true. And then I can buy a nice summer house in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Santorini in Greece or Kailua in Hawaii.
  1. Build up my business, so I can start minding my own business and get freaking busy.
  1. Get married?  It doesn’t solve all problems in the world of mine, but at least my parents do not need to feed me up with their concerns and fears anymore, and they can let me be happy on my own feet. I love them to death and no words can describe it. If my wish went “Living by myself” or “Live in my own house alone”, then I will be the most depressing person I could ever be. With a partner of a lifetime, I can still go on with my life. Even the best part is sharing it with someone incredible who wants to be “the” part of my journey. Ultimately, we can resume our journey together like two happy kids – forget all crappy obstacles life would toss, never mind them and be happy. Who’s with me?

So, err… happy birthday, Melski! 
Hope your wishes come damn true…


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