Sunday, November 4, 2012

Can I have less ice in my cappuccino?

Rarely blog-posting at the airport. Exactly at one (special) coffee shop that thankfully have plugs in the cafe and the wifi works, for God's sake that would be my biggest help for right now.

So, what on earth am I doing here? Why am I spending my valuable time at the airport?

Having my ice cappuccino, yes - because it's recently been sooo hot and humid here. 

And laptop opens. Yes, that what I meant of this time that rarely occurs. 

Look at me, I have nobody nearby to talk to now. I have some messengers on, but it doesn't solve any "loneliness" and "boredom" problems here. A diver couple next to me are enjoying their cups of coffees while watching some movies. Another couple right in front of me are showing their intimacy every seconds, and I swear to God I'm going to puke in any minute. (Hey, we're sharing table!). A middle aged man in front of me munching his donuts like he hasn't yet eaten for ages. The aircon is not working. I want to pee.

My phone is being charged. I am in period. I get tanner. I haven't poo since yesterday. I don't bring my bus ticket and foolishly forget where I put it. The ices in my cappuccino is a little bit too much. It's freezing out my sensitive teeth. My bf is having his lunch separately. While he's eating, even nuclear bomb cannot bother him. Just wondering, why he's so serious? 

Well, I supposed to get the seat on the flight to the small lovely city, Sorowako, at 12:00 PM. And it's 1-hour flight, with aircraft. If I missed it or didn't get the seat due to the super limited amount of seats the flight has, I would possibly take the bus to Sorowako. And now, you may guess, I'm taking the bus. 

In some cases it is not even a big deal for me. A 12-hour ride on the bus has been going really well in my past experiences. This time, not so much. But hey, I am not about to whine. I only need to share what's on my mind when I'm in the state of randomly waiting for about 5 hours by myself. neither, I am not interested reading the book I bring nor listening some trendy songs. You know, the airport is filled with the speakers sounding flight schedule and announcement. 

By the way, I just remember today's Sunday. Why doesn't airport provide nails salon for manicure/pedicure? 

I need to pee.

I wish I could lay back just like this now...

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