Sunday, December 16, 2012

Le last weekends…

So, I guess this is my official last weekends in Soroako -- the not-everyone-knows city where I’ve been working (and putting some weights). Starting the following week and onwards, Jakarta would be my hometown again. It is not suck, really. 

I started to embrace the fact that Jakarta is the city I’ve been living almost in my whole life – until now I even still going back and forth for some business. Heaven knows I will be adapting and trying my gah-damn best living with the Jakarta’s fast lane and hectic situation. *Cross-fingering* 

Not to forget the new job and new office in the new year, with some new hopes and dreams. The new office location is kind of a bit far from where I live now – hello jam-packed streets and traffic! And I’ve been planning this “rehearsal” thing about what to ride to get there on time, alongside with the estimated time so I won’t be shocked that I don’t know using which public transportation to get there in-time. Such an organized maniac, aren’t I? 

Lake Matano seen from Ide Beach. I'm going to miss this a LOT!

How does it feel now about leaving this place? 

It’s mixed up. Yes, I’m indeed feeling sad. However it’s not one thing that I feel at the moment. Happy, relieved, excited for the new “challenge” – and heartbreaking because I know this place is unbeatable for everything it has! The nature and landscapes, the hills, the available and empty jogging tracks, the kindness of its people, the weather and fresh air that I breathe (beat that, Jakarta!!!), the lake (OMG! I will miss the freshwater diving, canoeing, snorkeling and swimming here…), and the MOST DELICIOUS COTO ON EARTH (coto ibu in Pasar Lama – the Old Market). 

Additionally, in spite of those features of Soroako, there is simply more than that. I will also miss the slooooooow internet connection here, the hard-to-find delicious foods, the unpredictable rainy days, the cozy workdays, the drama and gossips, doing runs, walks and basketball, some boring nights and blackout days, as well as the public protest that causes me unable to go to the office and work from home then. 

You know what Soroako locals say about “outsiders” who have lived in Soroako? They will surely comeback. It is not about drinking Lake Matano water nor a famous myth. Some proofs have confirmed this situation (they say). Either they will be back to Soroako soon or within some years ahead, it’s just about time. Well, who doesn’t love Soroako for everything it owns? You just gotta step your foot here, and you’ll know the reason why everybody loves Soroako. 

Anyway, I haven’t exactly finished my packing – the boxes, luggages and all. It’s only around 48.37% completed, but more things need to be packed immediately. I need to ship them one or two days before I leave. This is really a big homework, talk about moving when your things are just excessively here and there in piles!


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Edwig O' Nguik said...

Amel! It's been long time I haven't visited your blog! Are you in Jakarta now?

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