Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cloudy not gloomy

Jakarta has been poured by beautiful rains for these past couple days. The wet season came and everyone gets freaked out, I understand. From midnight to another midnight, from the dawn to the daylight, then stopped, resumed until the sunshine went shy. 

You ask about the street situation? Please don’t. 

As you might have predicted, not only the street situation that has gone worse; the journey to and back from work were pretty awesome (ironically). The street always jam-packed by all kind of transportation – private, public, and even humans. The deadlocks occur almost at any unpredictable traffic lights, corners and intersections of the road. From the highways to the little alleys, Jakartans seem to be very upset with this unsolved and forever destiny Yet, almost nothing they can do to resolve the reality. Not to mention they have this specific hope to the newly appointed governor. He’d better be having damn good actions towards this endless issue. 

But that’s not my point in this posting. Well, fyi, I was back again living in Jakarta for almost 3 weeks. I am blessed to have my bedroom back, the huge polar bear doll back, and new job. So, how am I doing? 

I’d say I’ve been doing super great. Despite of these “pressures” or “tests” with the home and Jakarta setting, I dare to acclaim I am in my positive energy and thoughts during the days of “chaos”. Personally, I have no idea from where I can be this so-called calm and persistent about everything in my life. Flashback to my old days, when this occured, I’d drop down in bad mood and gloomy mind. And I hated it. 

As I’ve grown up and learnt some other stuffs that were apparently new as well as challenging for me, I think I started to see life in different perspective. Still, the bad-ass yesterdays are very fond of hitting me back, sometimes. Yes, don’t pretend like you understand what I’m talking about. But somehow, I can handle them like a boss; and it does not THAT matter anymore. 

Well, at another time I’d feel a little bit lonely or bad of something as if I am the poorest person on this gahdamn earth, but in fact I’m not! And that’s what important; that’s the point: Happiness in almost every little, seemingly unimportant things in life. Joie de vivre

Nevertheless, heaven knows what would happen while period and PMS chase after me. Mayday. 

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