Friday, April 26, 2013

Jakarta 2:32 PM

I love you

Thank you.

Thank you for loving me
Giving me your trust

How do you define love?

Buddy for life
A friend in bad and good time
Someone to share my heart
Consulting place
Supporting me without judging
Remind me when I forget
Guide me when I'm wrong
Someone that makes me stronger
Make me feel more alive
Better in faith.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Barbie is a mutant

In contrary to what Barbie is supposed to live with her deep blue eyes, perfect skin complexion, slim and modelish figure, great hair and wide smile - she is actually dying.

If Barbie was a real woman,  she'd be incapable of lifting her oversized head. And with her extraordinary proportion envisioned by Mattel, her figure seems to be more of Sci-Fi life than reality one. 

You might have heard that many researchers have been conducting their interests about this product of our pop culture period. In accordance to our society's disorders of eating, ideal beauty and body image, Barbie is one of them to blame for - truth's said. 

The latest infographic  appears on this subject is still grabbing our attention of the research, specifically medical approach to the question., a resource website for mental health centers in the USA, provides an unreachable beauty image shown by the iconic doll.

The above chart tells how the odds of finding a single woman with the same tall and thin neck as Barbie is one out of 4.3 billion in the world.

And if  the doll's physical measurements were given to a real woman, she'd only have room for half a liver and a few inches of intestine in her body, but room for a bigger brain. The bottom line is, Barbie is a mutant. Could she be one of X-men?

Barbie's fragile 3.5 inch wrists, her 6-inch ankles would prevent her from heavy lifting. Then, as far as holding up her entire body - despite so much of it missing - it'd be an entirely impossible feat requiring her to walk on all fours. As I said, could Mattel really overlook this in the making?

Beforehand, Mattel defended Barbie's slim figure because of the bulk her clothes' seams, snaps and zippers added. Furthermore, the male doll known as Ken - Barbie's soulmate - has also been included in the discussion. 

The physical comparison of the real men has shown to be generally closer than the Barbie vs. real women.
You see, we may perceive Barbie and friends as simply a doll, a product of styling games. Should it be put off away from children is your choice. Just consider they would not worship her for the future figure that could lead them to live a miserably false lifestyle to attain the certain Barbie-licious image.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

...and you cannot help yourself

You will look for the best in people, no matter how they choose to see you. 

Laugh until every cell in your body aches from that joyful pain. Find humor even where others fail to see it. But cry when you have been hurt. When the unpleasant pain can no longer be endured alone, let your tears fall and be proud of them. Know that you tears are your strength because they remind you that you are still alive, and that as long as you breathe, you have a purpose. 

Scream in the middle of open fields when you must. But do not get angry too often, you are far too blessed to allow anger to devour you. 

Love without inhibitions. Be vulnerable and let it hurt; it is supposed to hurt. You will be disappointed, and you will want to run away from everything. You will be beyond your humanity; your body and soul and spirit will feel at home. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

She is she

"Sculpting Grace" by Charmaine Olivia

“She allows herself to feel things, good and bad; 
outrageous, confusing and heartbreaking.

She listens to those feelings, and trusts them...”

Monday, April 8, 2013

A real man

a real man makes tough choices choices which are too close … 
and absolutely everything depends upon them choices which are too far … 
and the right one is much more painful than the wrong one 

a real man changes diapers 
a real man sometimes loses and congratulates the winner 
a real man has a code of conduct which is not for sale 
a real man is humble for real 

a real man cooks for his lady and then does the dishes which he wants to 
a real man is scared but acts anyway a real man cares for his mother and rarely talks to his father, whilst caring 
a real man underpromises and overdelivers 

a real man credits truth above everything above his ego … 
above comfortable lies… above instincts... 
a real man knows there are real-er men out there and tries to catch up 

a real man eats pussy 
a real man has real friends every once a while 
a real man can change himself, his code of conduct 
and above all 
a real man is in love love, 
without which he is nothing love, 
the absence of which can break him

source: here


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Look beside you

They make you laugh a little louder,
smile a little brighter,
live a little better,
than before...

Monday, April 1, 2013

Where should I position myself out in the world? (Part II)

"Learning To See" by Charmaine Olivia

As A Friend 
Honestly, I don’t really have billions of friends. In reality, I can count my good friends. They came from different milieu: from college, the past work, the sport community, another sport community, and another sport community. Predominantly, these people know me sort of well, and no matter how far the distance of us or how only a few times spent of get-together, we keep in contact and chat about any of stuff. Sometimes we share our stories, life, be them shit or good news; and sometimes we only ask how we’re doing. 

Facebook friends? Statistically speaking, 35 percent is known family, friends and good friends (yes, they’re different); 25 percent is online shop pages ranging from women clothes,shoes, outdoor thingy and Michael Jackson souvenirs; 25 percent is acquaintances and rarely-meet, but-I-just-know-them kinda friends; 5 percent is famous people (e.g: Kobe Bryant, Beyonce, Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, Victoria’s Secret, and more) public figures and bloggers; and the rest is mystery – while everytime these mysterious FB friends show up on my timeline, I’d literally go after their pages and explore whether I know them, and if not, I simply click the “unfriend” button. 

I’m a bit picky when it comes to good friends, so I guess it’s the reason I don’t really have too many friends. It doesn’t mean that I am not friendly. Indeed, many say I am pretty approachable, open and with this cold-face, I turn out to be a pretty fun one. As a friend, I may not give my time dedicated to them, I should also portion it out with the family and myself. 

However, when I love my friends, I do mean it. I care about them, I care about what they think and do. When I close with my friends, I can touch them when we talk, we can talk shit and stuff like free – and I’m happy that I can be myself, not hiding anything and be another person for and with them. So, thank you very much for allowing me being a part of your life story. 

As A Lover 
Have I said that when I love my friends, I do mean it? It happens with whoever I love as my lover – a.k.a boyfriend/future husband. I am not a romantic person, I usually commit to it with action. Quite manly, huh? But when it happens to be melodramatic moment and feeling (like PMS and the period time), I can be beyond Shakespeare or Kahlil Gibran to my lover. And I couldn’t care less if he finds it odd, as it’s my way to show what I feel about him, dramatically. 

One thing about being a lover, I try not to drown myself into a deep feeling when in a relationship. I try to bring my head with me. I’m a grown-up woman, I am aware that I should act like a lady, not like a teenager in love. Despite of it, I’m pretty serious about my love relationship. At the beginning I fancy someone, I do not fall to them straightforwardly. I tend to explore and find out his personality, his way of socializing, his hobby, life ethics, norms, his way of thinking, his sense of humor, and in the end, his background and family. 

Why am I doing this hard? Because, having a relationship is major. It takes another part of your life. It will consume your time, feeling, energy and it requires your sacrifice to survive. You cannot expect it will last longer if only one who fight for the relationship, can you? Whereas if you really want your lover to be partner for life, you must be all out preparing everything for it. That’s what I’ve been doing anyway. 

As a lover, I may not perfect in taking care everything between us as we still have our lives as single person. Yes, I was jealous of something, and I’m still asking myself if this is worth to be envied. I trust you for everything you are. And I believe it will be beautiful in the end if we work hard to make it so. 

And I’m thinking of a life buddy who will be there, supporting each other achieving our supreme dreams. 

As A Blogger/Writer 
I write what I want, what I like. Despite of my imperfect editing, word selection and descriptive story, I find writing is my another remedy. Why I write? None can understand the feeling of relieveness but me, and none should judge why I write something just because of myself. For the sake of my own happiness, I own a blog which I’ve been maintaining since 2009 – beforehand it was password/username forgetfulness. 

When I travel, I write as I desire to share the surroundings of the place I visit to everyone. I look at my writing as if I have ever known the place, as if I was the reader. When I feel something, think about stuff I see around the city, I pour them out. As boredom strikes me in the office, I write in draft – not posting it due to several may-contain-dangerous-effect reasons. I may hate self labeling, but this is one role that I like to keep it to myself – not to mention that some friends know this and cheer on me to keep doing it. Mouth-blabbering is overrated, now if human would shut up and create legacy. 

As A Human 
Mind about others as we live with billions people out there and we cannot for a second disregard their existence for the sake of such self-centred maniac. Human, for I am, has feeling, brain, blood, heart and dreams. So why don’t I respect and tolerate others who have the same life lane as I do, with different dreams and attempts. We might be born in different family, named in different meaning, walk in different shoes – but it doesn’t justify you, me and us not to give others a chance to taste their lives. 

The bottom line is, this role is everything in my life. As a human, life is hard and thus I’d better not make it too serious living it. I should have fun with everything happens in my life, I should remember my duty to Him, I should feel what I feel and cherish it, and I should just be as human as I possibly can. You know what I mean... 

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