Wednesday, April 17, 2013

...and you cannot help yourself

You will look for the best in people, no matter how they choose to see you. 

Laugh until every cell in your body aches from that joyful pain. Find humor even where others fail to see it. But cry when you have been hurt. When the unpleasant pain can no longer be endured alone, let your tears fall and be proud of them. Know that you tears are your strength because they remind you that you are still alive, and that as long as you breathe, you have a purpose. 

Scream in the middle of open fields when you must. But do not get angry too often, you are far too blessed to allow anger to devour you. 

Love without inhibitions. Be vulnerable and let it hurt; it is supposed to hurt. You will be disappointed, and you will want to run away from everything. You will be beyond your humanity; your body and soul and spirit will feel at home. 

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