Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Barbie is a mutant

In contrary to what Barbie is supposed to live with her deep blue eyes, perfect skin complexion, slim and modelish figure, great hair and wide smile - she is actually dying.

If Barbie was a real woman,  she'd be incapable of lifting her oversized head. And with her extraordinary proportion envisioned by Mattel, her figure seems to be more of Sci-Fi life than reality one. 

You might have heard that many researchers have been conducting their interests about this product of our pop culture period. In accordance to our society's disorders of eating, ideal beauty and body image, Barbie is one of them to blame for - truth's said. 

The latest infographic  appears on this subject is still grabbing our attention of the research, specifically medical approach to the question. Rehabs.com, a resource website for mental health centers in the USA, provides an unreachable beauty image shown by the iconic doll.

The above chart tells how the odds of finding a single woman with the same tall and thin neck as Barbie is one out of 4.3 billion in the world.

And if  the doll's physical measurements were given to a real woman, she'd only have room for half a liver and a few inches of intestine in her body, but room for a bigger brain. The bottom line is, Barbie is a mutant. Could she be one of X-men?

Barbie's fragile 3.5 inch wrists, her 6-inch ankles would prevent her from heavy lifting. Then, as far as holding up her entire body - despite so much of it missing - it'd be an entirely impossible feat requiring her to walk on all fours. As I said, could Mattel really overlook this in the making?

Beforehand, Mattel defended Barbie's slim figure because of the bulk her clothes' seams, snaps and zippers added. Furthermore, the male doll known as Ken - Barbie's soulmate - has also been included in the discussion. 

The physical comparison of the real men has shown to be generally closer than the Barbie vs. real women.
You see, we may perceive Barbie and friends as simply a doll, a product of styling games. Should it be put off away from children is your choice. Just consider they would not worship her for the future figure that could lead them to live a miserably false lifestyle to attain the certain Barbie-licious image.

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