Wednesday, June 12, 2013


“The grass is greener on the other side” tells it all. We often want what others have. We get mad when we cannot live like our neighbors live. We get distracted of our own life goals when we see our friends life path is greatly “success” than us. See, do you realize all of those is about comparing ourselves to other people?

As a matter of fact, it’s normal. In human life, comparison turns into place because we seek for something better and safer in life. Earlier in our history of human existence, we become aware of ourselves as separate beings is based on our ability to notice some differences of features and elements between who we are and whom we’re differentiating ourselves from. We compare by noticing distinctions about ourselves and about someone else. And by then, we can grasp the idea and recognize of ourselves as individuals – that all of us are separate beings.

Well, instead of celebrating treasures and values of our lives, we tend to perceive what we lack – what we think others have that we don’t.  This is starting to torment us slowly, that we have to be like that person because we have set this “ideal” life. With this, we have a hidden tendency to put aside and forget our deepest gifts and capabilities that others maybe don’t have. Shame on us!

However, comparing ourselves to others is not a sin, it comes naturally. Whether it probably destructs our personality or not, it’s up to us. We shouldn’t be so helpless that it’s ingrained in us. When it happens, understanding where it comes from, how and why it affects us, can give us some support and way to overcome such negative impact. And thus it should make us see our values, what we have and who we are.

Remember, often what we see in others that we think they have more quality than us is only in surface. We have no idea the journey they have been through, the steps they have chosen and reasons why they do what they do. In the end, it is completely personal. And we should too – no longer remain caught up in the mind fuck of what we aren’t and don’t have.

At least, contrasting the lives, achievements as well as success of someone else may encourage us to do beyond of what we’re afraid of. It can provide us mental and moral supports to live a more challenging life, with flaming desires that move us towards our personal goals – without sacrificing our personality by seriously acting and becoming those people that we admire.

It’s all about knowing your worth and fight for it. In the end of the day, it may not an easy route, but it’s your worthy life.


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