Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why do we do it?

We do it for those tiny, precious moments. Not just the two of us, but anyone who’s ever swallowed the salty ocean, swam in the sea, climbed a mountain or hoisted a sail. 

The rewards are far greater than all the effort, time and money we spend – and sometimes we just need to remember that. Sometimes, our friends, family and people can’t understand that. That’s okay. 

Because those adventures can suck. Your knees hurt, you run out of water, you blister and bleed yourself, you try to find some place safe to sleep, it gets dark and you need to pee in the middle of nowhere, or you’re still three miles from the suburb. Maybe you get held down by the waves, weather, sudden fever and cold, or rip your leg open on some coral. Your bank account hits empty because you need new boots because the old ones are ripped off and your carrier has to be retired. Or you need to pay some debts and households necessities. 

Still, when I look at our photos, I don’t remember how damn tired I was doing all those stuff — I just remember how incredible that moment felt. And that’s why we do it.



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