Sunday, August 11, 2013

A little note...

The Evening Gown (1954) - René Magritte

Every negative emotion we've ever had, no matter how meek or well-hidden, has come from the lack of what we really wanted (mostly, admit it?). Take blame, for instance. We blame someone or something for giving us what we do not want, which is only the lack of whatever it is we do want.

We're worried about losing someone or something, so we're fearing the absence of - the lack of - that something or someone.

We're fearful of things "out there", because we lack the feeling of safety.

We justify and rationalize, because we lack of someone's approval - even our own!

We feel depressed, because we don't have something we want, even if it's nothing more than feeling good.

We feel anxious, because we lack the time or resources to produce.

We feel insecure about ourselves, because we tend to underestimate or doubt ourselves of what we capable of.

Every negative feeling in the dictionary comes from lack. And thank goodness for that! I am saying that thinking and feeling positive are a lot easier said than done. However, if we're willing to make our seconds in life better and expand the excitement within, we certainly can! And how?

It's the feelings that would do it, not the thoughts alone. It's the feeeeeelings and feelings and feelings that come from out thoughts.You know what, we get what we focus on!


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