Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eat it

I haven't had quite shaum (fasting) month well this year. The last 2 weeks of Ramadan, I must not to go fasting. Y'all hear it, "must". You ask me why? Well, it's an "illness" thing - even though I haven't been feeling that sick. It is glandular inflammation/infection kind of thing, which mixed up with skin allergies. They strike my left-back head and neck, which has a little lump inside. The doctor said it was because I was tired, stressed or a little bit under pressure and lack of nutrition. Lack of nutrition, halo, you sure?

At first week, I had a little dizziness inside my left head. It was strange as I had never ever in my life gotten that bad headache. It attacked me only when I was moving unpredictably, but not in the same pattern of movements (like nodding, fast walking, stretching my arms and so on). I was confused and thought I probably hit myself while sleeping so I got the headache. 

In the following week, it got much worse. It felt like my head was electrocuted - again, with undefined moves. I had to close my eyes just to let the pain off then continuing my activities. I dare to say I was scared to death, until a lil cute swelling showed up on my left neck. ZOMG, what the heck happened with me?!

Now, after a week of taking medicines and bed rest, it's starting to get better. I need to visit the doctor as my swelling hasn't been indicating any signs of disappearing from my neck and some little wounds of allergic appearing on my bottom left face. They are like wounds when you just fall down from your bicycle, open wounds stuff. They are little, but hurt and itchy. Getting more and more exciting huh? Eugh.

On the other hand, while my neck and head are collaborated in "such" way, my stamina and energy are just doing fine. Actually, I even thought I could go to the office, do some workouts and sports as usual; but I really can't and shouldn't. The doctor even wrote me for bed rest in my last week of working days before the Ied al-Fitr holiday rolling. (Hoorah earlier holiday, mama love ya!) And I need to emphasize the rest and another stay-at-home boring stuff more.

I believe this would get better soon as long as I keep going with the right meal and rest. I have my faith that this will pass, that this is not something I can't handle. Yes, it takes time to heal. Oh, have I told you the doctor said spicy foods, chips and snacks as well as fried foods are restricted for a little while

I've been thinking... sometimes, God has a really unique way to talk to you. When you ignore your body signals, you can keep going to what the hell you're doing. When your body screams out for a little time to rest, you neglect it as if you get nothing to lose. Well, I don't think I have my second thought about this anymore in the future. Why don't I listen to my body? Why don't I treat myself right? My body is my own temple and the only thing that carries my whole journey so far and forever, right? 

Probably, when stresses try again to strike me, I should try to keep calm and think straight. When I feel fatigue, have some time to rest. In the end of the day, it costs me nothing but health. And now, health is so damn expensive. Investment, buddies, invest in your own healthy mind and body.


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