Monday, August 26, 2013

In your own shoes

From the very beginning you started to see yourself in the mirror, you knew you're going to be "something". Even though you had yourself some milk, ice cream and chocolate stained on the mouth. You're too lazy to clean up and went straight to your warm blanket. 

Not so long, you saw people, several friend and strangers seemingly got busy with whatever they did. You wondered whether they recognized your kindness or stupidity. You waved hands until your hands became numb; then you said you should've not care at all. After all, you looked at your plates and started to work on it - you got things done. 

Bustling with your surrounding has been your routine. The hassles once you thought did matter, they actually didn't. People once you felt were profound, they turned out to be all suckers and hoes. They haven’t been heeded about anything you feel and think. They have lost integrity for the sake of getting whatever they wanted or they think were extremely important that they cannot live without. 

Nevertheless, you keep on walking. Alone and don’t care. When pebbles tackled and confronted you, yes you’re scared, but what the hell. You think of what worse could possibly stop you. For a second you might think to just give up and die, but you didn’t. When people threatened you with their expectations, you’re choked and feeling bad of yourself. 

Now, when things get on wheel for bad or good situation, you seem to relax. You’re alive and breathing, sensing the future and dreams. You’re kissing the happiness and cuddling the hopes. What's in your head doesn’t do you anymore, at least 43 percent of it. You need to fix yourself and build up a strong character. You pat yourself on the back and whisper, “Great job, have fun, missy!” 

Because, you know, fuck everything else.


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