Thursday, October 24, 2013

A dog and a wild idea

It is often said that dogs (or cats) are human’s bestfriend – well, genuinely it’s any kind of animals that may suit your personality. They seem to brighten our lives, cheer the moods and bring an unutterable nuance of warm. Thus, we undeniably find them charming – filling that emptiness of our hearts that no humans can step in.

However, I’m not talking about me or my pets. I don’t have one, blame my parents. It’s about a photo-journey project by Theron Humphrey who is going across the United States with his camera to document the lives of everyday people. Theron is a notable photographer whose works have been acknowledged by National Geographic, People Magazine, NY Post, Chicago Tribune, and many more.

Entitled This Wild Idea, his project has taken him over 17,000 miles with 1,852 photos, each with their own exceptional story to tell. Along the way, Theron captured his Maine coonhound dog named Maddie, perched atop and stood on funny or strange things. This side project is called Maddie on Things is uber amusing yet lovely.

It narrates another important and serious project that Theron ignited, Why We Rescue. As described, it is “a yearlong story-telling documentary that is traversing across all 50 states highlighting how pets transform our lives for the better. This project is an opportunity to share everyday stories on how those pets can open our homes and hearts to the world... we are telling one shelter/rescue pet story in each state.”

As Theron is raising various awesome, heartwarming projects, Maddie On Things apparently caught me the most. The images are frivolous, fun and fascinating. Maddie sits on Theron, a couch, wears jacket, inside a backpack – well, you get the idea – couldn’t have been more quirky enough to show how the relationship between Theron and Maddie is real.

This makes me craving more to have my own four-legged bestfriend. I want them to be able to do medium to high-level of activity, smart, adaptable, sporty and in sizes of medium to large – forget the small, cuddly dogs. You know, I always got an eye for Golden or Labrador Retriever, Siberian Husky or German Shepherd. One more thing, they’re big and need thorough treatment, training and care. So, yeah...

 *Read The Huffington Post interview with Theron about his project here.

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