Thursday, February 27, 2014

Now, I'm just super mad

Sometimes it takes all your pride and bravery to leave all you’re doing and move to something unknown. Especially, when you feel enough of everything. It is not that you’re not grateful of what you have. But it is more than that – it is to leave things that are bad for your life, health, mind and attitude.

How you react matters a lot in encountering problems. But your surrounding and how you perceive them to be, that’s a hell lot of a big deal. You can’t just be wise, calm and positive when something awful happens to you, or people in your life and neighborhood.

You are human, you feel things. It is completely fine to say mean things to someone or something. It is great to utter what you feel and how it doesn’t damn fit to your standard (read: ideal) how-to-live-and-become-a-helpful-and-awesome-person-in-a-super-awesome-disciplined-and-thoughtful society principal in life.

At the end of the day, it is not about how much money you make, how much you save and how you spend time socializing. From the bottom of your heart, you whisper to God that you gotta leave the city and move forever to another city you might call home.

As home is a place you feel honest, celebrated and welcome. You already knew that, didn't you?


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

free·dom (noun)

It is a classic reality tale, unsolvable issue among society. Liberalism that goes right or wrong, everyone’s clueless.

People insist to have their freedom on their hands, while others yell their freedom have been taken by other fellow human beings – government, parliament, police, boss, manager, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents…

Does my freedom infringe the freedom of other people? If I value my own freedom, does it mean that I don’t tolerate anyone to “violate” my right to act upon something, for whatever the hell reason I want to say?

For 20-something me (and maybe other people, too), freedom has always been difficult thing to attain. Freedom looks exquisitely beautiful, appealing and sexy – at the same time, it requires efforts and hardwork to get. Because freedom isn’t free at all – as oxymoron as it may sound – you gotta take it from someone else, who dubiously have your freedom in their pocket.

It is difficult to even demand your own freedom, isn’t it? At one time, you were crafted to believe that you owe things to someone – your life itself isn’t free. You ought to pay something in return for the life you have now. At another time, you try to change your old faith that your life is all yours, and you owe nothing to anybody. At that time, you deem that freedom is in the air, you can have it at no cost.

Then, things change. You grow up, learn how to adapt to live, and think about your life even more. Freedom: you have no idea what it is or how to find it. You search for it, find it and lose it again. This time, you hunt the freedom – just like what other human beings do. You question yourself all over again: Where’s my freedom? 

Freedom is to live day by day without the fear of being judged or criticized of the lifestyle, fondness and love you choose.

Freedom is to do the hell you want, finish what you start, be responsible, but still respect what others do. Freedom is to say the hell you want, without hurting anyone’s life and the choices they make.

Freedom is to have options in life and decide what you think suits you best. No one else should make decisions for you, but respect what they may say. Second opinion doesn't hurt, but don’t take them too seriously.

Freedom is to listen to your surroundings, observe them and use your manner and brain to act upon something. You should never forget your roots are human with brain and mind, not ape.

Freedom is to celebrate your presence, to live in the moment, to use your senses and to care of your fellow human beings. Because you know that anything you do for others always matters to them. Forgo the "how much" or "how many" or "how big". Just ignore it.

Freedom is to relax, keep calm, and take a breath – everytime you feel like the weight of the world get to you.

Freedom is to have you to yourself. You treat your body, mind and soul the hell you desire. Because you wear your own skin, none else can taste it but you.

Freedom is to love yourself abundantly. No limit. No boundaries.

So, have you find your freedom? What is freedom to you?

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