Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Am I as bored as you are?

When you feel really uninspired, but you need to walk everyday like a damn warrior, what do you do?

Because that's how I'm feeling - for the past few days. I feel so plain, flat and bored of everything. Nothing really excites me. I tried to do all routines like normal, but then I just felt more horrible. Did I feel terrible for myself, my life, or what, that I can't figure out.

I worked out, cooked, read, wrote, watched movies, even went for shopping and grabbed some coffees and great pastries, nothing worked out. Oh Gosh, what am I supposed to do now?

Jobs at work have been not really tempting, also the social life. I need to slap myself on the face, tell people to gtfo, and put my shit together, don't I? Because whatever I think, do or feel, they don't matter. That's harsh, but what about a reality check without a little of blood, sweat and tears?

#whetever #dowhatyougottado

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