Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On Struggle in Eating Healthy

I am no stranger on eating rabbit’s foods (read: raw veggies). Thanks to my mum who has enforced me to eat anything on the table since I was a kid. By eat anything my mum serves, she said, I learn to be grateful of things I have. There are many, many unfortunate people out there who cannot even eat three times a day – and when I and my brothers are fortunate enough to eat sufficiently, I’d better not too picky with the food I eat.

Regardless, I am a picky person. Of course I eat whatever my mum cooks in the house. But being picky for me means choosing foods you should and shouldn’t eat. Thankfully my mum tries to serve veggies all the time. This “culture” of mine strikes me right on the head when I’m outside the home.

Indonesian food is not what it looks like - fresh vegetables and protein. Nope. You can have: Stir fried spinach, fried stuffed tofu, capcay, or chicken soup with coconut milk and rice cake (ketupat sayur). Are they "healthy" enough? Well, maybe yes for 33%. But the rest 67% are rich in cooking oil, mixed with santan (coconut milk) boiled and stirred with 21 types of spices to its utmost delish, finger-licking dishes that could give you the ultimate foodgasm.

This is what I’m talking about, it’s not easy maintaining the healthy eating while my environment is “unhealthy”. I may have the curves, with 10/12 clothing size, but it doesn’t mean I don’t watch what I put into my mouth. In the past few years, I’ve been managing eating healthy and clean quite better. I buy the groceries, stock them in the fridge, prepare the meal for office lunch, and so on. I feel better, my body responds well and I think I’m happy with the overall result. I don’t get sick easily, my immune system improves and, when I workout, I feel more powerful.

When I put “struggle” on the title, I don’t only point out about the regular Indonesian foods. Another issue to cope with is people’s comments about what I really eat.

“You’re on diet? Ah, the girl’s getting married!”

“You actually eat this kind of food everyday and never get bored?”

“I’m so jealous of you. I want to eat just like your veggie-packed lunch, but I just don’t have the time. My morning is already hectic."

“Do you prepare this yourself, or your mum does it for you?”

“Hey you’re losing weight already, what’s the point of eating like that anymore?”

Etc blablabla so annoying…

See, you got my point, didn’t you?

What am I supposed to react to these questions other than, “Yeah, this is my regular lunch meal. Please stop asking me questions, because I’m so jaded with that kind of questions…”

But, dude, I still eat donuts and order French fries for dinner several times.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

To shave or not to shave

I adore beards. Men with beards, generally speaking, facial hair. Men without them hair on their faces are just like..... not macho enough. Beards are hot, you know. You gotta feel it, in your heart. 

I mean, what's the point of being a man without the facial hair??? D'oh.

I see muscular (or metrosexual) men, with super handsome face and sharp cheekbones, but their shiny, no-facial hair face? EEKKK!

I see casual-style men hanging out, with their crowded, messy beards. EEKKK! Dude, at least try to take care of your facial hair -- it means you take care of yourself.

I see half-beard men... err, I've never seen that one though.

Even askmen.com stated, "Past studies have found that men with beards look tougher, more aggressive and masculine and would make better romantic partners." Alas, guys thought clean shaven looked better than a short, five-day beard, and women actually rated smooth faces as the least attractive. 

I don't know about you, but stubble, van dyke, full beard and chin strap beard types turn the heat on for ME.

What about you? You like beards (or men with facial hair)? Why not?


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