Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm feeling 25

I’m officially one quarter of a century old. That means my life is 25% complete and 24 was pretty great.

I’m not saying that getting older is horrible – it’s just terrifying. At my 25 years old now, I can’t even figure out yet what I’m going to do for myself. My dream, hopes and everything, it’s getting bigger, but not clearer. In short: What the hell should I do for my future self???

But anyway, 25 years old is going to be AWESOME. I’m getting married in 2 weeks and going to have a new status: someone else’s wife. When other people probably think that it’s a hard task with the decision to get married and settle down, for me it’s going to be fun. I will have my partner in life to do and share with everything, like EVERYTHING. We’re going to explore life together, get messed up and awesome together, and play together – until death does us apart (amen). So, crossfingers!

Besides, being 25 means I get to get my coffee every morning of my life. Because hey, I am responsible of what I do and I know what I want, right? That coffee thing is just a metaphor. I can get anything at anytime I want without asking someone else’s permission. That’s happiness.

Happy birthday to me!

Looking forward to kicking off the second quarter century of my life. Cheers to being 25!


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