Thursday, November 27, 2014

Do not eat anything too healthy

I was super sick and needed bed-rest for 2 weeks. I ate super clean and healthy meals, I cooked them myself. I did workout religiously, I happened to be a workout, adventurous-seeking gal who always bored of doing same training stuff and then switched to other exercises just like that.

But then I got sick. You know how that felt? Sucks.

The pain was real. I got nausea, then diarrhea, then they occurred together. I didn't got fever nor cold sweats, but an uber pain of nausea and stomachache on my left abs -- that's gastritis, the doctor said. Blood and liver were lab tested, so that I needed to go back and forth to the hospital.

I went to three doctors, three different hospitals within 2 weeks. It ain't fun at all. Besides, the 1st doctor said I only suffered from acute diarrhea, the 2nd diagnosed me with paratyphoid, and the last one said it's only gastritis.

Anyway, feeling so much better now does not mean I can eat anything I want. My body hasn't recovered 100% yet, I'm still feeling exhausted and like I don't have more energy to do anything other than going home and relax. I ate them pills and meds like crazy, with time schedule and regulations. Eugh.

For the next one month, I should consume more protein, carbs and salts, less green veggies and no brown rice. Limit the intake of high fiber foods, muesli, even any kind of nuts and milk - including cheese, yogurt, ice cream, cream, and all of the happiness in the world :(

You know, basically everything I have in the home now, I can't eat them. All of them is too "healthy" for my current situation. Oh, have I mentioned that it's restricted to eat spicy and sour foods? I am basically doomed.


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