Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just googled: How to reduce the stress of moving house

"Moving is the third most stressful event in life, following death and divorce..."

"Moving is one of the most difficult things you'll ever do, with most feeling the stress build from the moment the decision is made..."

"Research has shown that the anxiety of moving house is one of the most stressful events that can occur throughout your life on a par with divorce and bereavement."

I couldn't say they were wrong or right. Moving house is personal to everyone. While for me? I couldn't be more agree with those aforementioned statement on Google. The stress level of moving house process was built within days. 

Problem #1: PACKING
At the very beginning, you just pack your things and even have the leisure time to plan and prepare what things should go into which boxes. It all goes easy breezy, with a happy thought of a joyful time you're going to have in the new home. Happy.

Few days later, you were like, "F**k it! I'm just gonna throw all of these stuff to this box. F**k it!"

Even you don't realize how you can have hundreds of small stuffs at your drawers when packing. This goes into, "Why on earth do I have these freaking thang in here? The hell, these can go into trash bin." 

But seconds later, "Just kidding, I may need this." 

See what I meant? That can get me into trouble at the time of unloading the boxes in the new home. And when I say "boxes", it doesn't mean only 5 boxes, but potentially above 15 boxes. 

It seems like I'm going to finish the unpack in around 3 months. 

Problem #2: HOUSE CHECK
How's your water pipes doing?
Do all the bathrooms work just fine?
Is there any leaking on the ceiling?
Any troubling cracks on the wall?
Is the water pumps OK?
Are you still breathing?

I got a new house, with less than 2 years freshly built and nobody has lived there before -- it's called an investor house. There lies the holy problems, because none has stayed in the home, the problems arise. The outdoor paints already got viciously ugly. The cracks on the wall inside are serious. The master bathroom's water pipe is leaking to the living room to the 1st floor. The water installation needs jet pump to have a "normal" shower. 

Meanwhile, the developer is off the page. That said that the developer guarantee term has long been closed, so I and my husband need to fix it on out own. And that also means we have to live in the new house with the fixing thing going on.

F**k it. I ain't breathing no more.

So we decided to custom made mostly everything to fill in the house. Why? We haven't found furniture items that gets our heart aligning with our house theme (plus, they're super $$$). It means probably a month live with no complete furniture in the house. All we have now is only our super comfy bed, curtains, a TV, and a beautiful small jati wood side table for the living room. Sucks, huh?

Mom and many peeps told us not to rush in fill in the house. Take small baby steps and all will be just 100% complete in the end. We believe in it, that's why custom made and an empty house are all we have. HAHA. #ironic

The first item we ordered was a big build-in wardrobe. We have many clothes, jackets, with several big hobby items (like scuba diving and hiking stuff). They eat a lot of space, though. We thought a wardrobe would do justice in the house to simplify the unpack activity. Damn you, boxes!

The next will be kitchen and sofas and the rest of other things that I'm just getting tired of thinking about it. 

*PS: If you guys need a reference to get a custom made interior with affordable prices and great quality, you can reach me. I have two different places for references. Perhaps you need it, btw ;)

Living in a such humid and all-year warm season like Jakarta, Air Conditioning (AC) could be your savior. But when you purchase a good quality AC, you can end up having a bad product -- one in a million 


I must wait for a week to have the product replaced from the dealer. A week sleeping without AC in today's hell weather? Thanks, but no thanks.

It's like problems keep coming up like there's no tomorrow. Our patience is tested and ur money is wasted to fix things here and there.

Now tell me, where's the part that dramas don't involve? Having a house is a blessing, truly a blessing. But let's separate them, because now I have grasped the stressful ambiance of moving house. And it doesn't end just like that.

God speeds the process... 


Thursday, August 27, 2015

The two essentials for traveling

I don't travel a lot, but when I do, I can go cray over what I'm going to pack and wear. Why do I have this fuss, you ask? Because I want to make sure I am comfortable with my clothes while I walk a lot, get sweats, burn under the sun and get wet by the saltwater. Oh yeah, I'm loving the sea, baby.

Besides, they all should fill in the carrier bag well. I can't say I'm a hell of a backpacker, because I do not yet have the quality of one, but I'm not a luxury traveler as well. I'm more in between: A dynamic, flexible, smart and smoking hot traveler. Prefer more on the carrier over the conventional suitcase, I do not need to get more busy by dragging around the suitcase all over the place. Especially because my travel destination is more likely to be "uncomfortable" and damaging to the expensive suitcase than to the carrier. Believe me, carrying backpack is far more pleasant than you've ever thought of.

So, what are the essential items for this kind of traveler? Well, I can only think of two: T-shirts and sunglasses!

You may pack all of your various tees, from the cheapest to the most pricey; from the thinnest to the wool-fabric ones; from the sleeveless to the long sleeves. You can wear all of them in various events, including adventure sessions in the noon to the wildest night in the evening.

You can't have too many tees, can you?

Tees are versatile. From basic cotton or linen of monochrome, style it with scarf, jacket or exotic skirt you purchase from the destination. Sleeveless ones over your bathing suit if you go for pool or snorkeling, and even long sleeves for the windy evening while sipping your wine relaxing with your loved ones.

A pair of great sunglasses complete them all. You undoubtedly need it daily in your traveling. Protect your eyes from the sunny day, hide your puffy eyes from sleepless night sleeping in the bus or airplane, and, of course, elevate your travel selfie on another level.

A classic contemporary Oakley Enduro Sunglasses Detail with keyhole-shaped saddle bridge ant stress-resistant frame material for environmental extremes

Check out these Oakley sunglasses for your adventures and many kinds of tees you seriously need on Zalora! And never ever forgo these stuff in time of traveling, or you may end up incomplete after all.

So, are you ready to pack a bag, go and have fun? I don't know about y'all, but I do ready!


Sunday, August 2, 2015

On the beach

Wherever else you would feel zone out other than the beach?
At least that’s what I feel.

I need beach probably like I need water - it keeps me alive. It used to be hard for me to even go to the beach. The reasons?
  1. I can’t swim.
  2. I get a little darker, along with sweaty and wet in the beach. Those are a weird combination and I’m not a fan. Why people love to lie on the beach, I could never tell.
  3. What do people do on the beach actually? Sand games? Swimming? Relax? I could use an air-con room with books for relaxation.
  4. It’s too hot I am dehydrated.
  5. I can’t swim.
But that was years ago, when I was naive and sweet. My encounter with beach went through a hard way. After a series of frequent beach visits, I started to fall in love with it. There was something about it that felt surreal, joyful and serene for me. The elements of beach, ocean, sea waves, sea creatures were perfect, combined with my sane willingness to try snorkeling and sign up for scuba diving, never in my life I regret that choices.

I can bring book to beach to enjoy my little summer read, maybe a bottle of homemade ice lemonade and shades to complete it all. Now I have it all figured. Beach is not someplace you should play around, nevertheless, it is the place where you can be and do whatever you want to chill you out. You want to be calm? Do it. You want to be like labrador, loud and run around? It’s yours!

Beach has never failed to bring everything fine for me. It mesmerizes me — and none can accuse you the jealousy crime that people feel when they check up on your instagram feed *wink*

Here’s to the beach life that never ends!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The six-month saga

"I love you with all my butt. 
I would say my heart, but my butt is bigger"

A six-month marriage is a little quicker to sum up how a marriage life feels like. There's a reason, you'd still feel you're "just" in a relationship - like a dating idea - but you're living, sharing bed and talking about financial shits together.

So a little while ago remarked a 6-month marriage for me and my husband. I must say it's nothing special from the Day 1 we got married until now - but it's unbearably awesome.

I don't know about other people, but thanks God there's no pressure from our families about having a baby. This has made me pretty relax about having one. We're just believing God's time and plan, not only for the baby part, but everything. Because in this culture, when you got married, people unfortunately care so much whether you have a baby, another baby, a house, new cars, new blings or new gossip. But never mind the bollocks, mind them not. Because it's gonna be your baby, not them. So why bother, right?

Moreover, communication is seriously significant. No relationship is perfect, but you have to try to improve - yourself and the relationship. I always keep it honest and open with my hubby. He told me not to say things in clues or subtlety. So I learned to talk to him clearly and avoid miscommunication. We attempt to tell one another how we feel and why we feel that way. It's fine to feel emotions, too. But do not hide the emotions in an annoying way, like saying "I'm fine, it's nothing" when you actually want to say "I'm angry about this because this and that."

You know, telling your partner your emotion makes him/her understand what you go through at the moment and how they can "feel" it for you. Even though all you want is only someone to tell to or cry on at the end of the day, your partner will feel really respectful for you and be needed by you - the one they care so much.

Another one is the freedom of your own passions and times. Being married does not have to make you so glued to your partner that you do not mind your own business. By this I mean, you and your partner still have the freedom to do whatever you both want and need. This will make you sane, your relationship is healthy and positive. I and my hubby understand and realize what we need and obsess. We have our own thang, schedule and hobby. When something else come up, of course we need to alter things up, and that is okay. The priority is still the relationship and what my hubby needs. Furthermore, this freedom must be equipped with responsibilities - you both trust one another, and put your partner on top of everything.

Tie your partner tight with your own terms and conditions will only hit you back. It suffocates them not to have anything else to do. You must bear in mind that in the end, your partner is only human, they have their friends and family, and they need the time to stay in touch with their own life that must not relate with you. If you demand to involve in everything so deeply, you must be prepared to taste the ugliest effect: Micromanaging your partner's life (re: control freak). Remember, your partner is not your property - he/she is a lovable human being, your best friend, brother/sister, life partner and lover. Respect their space and needs, and you are going to be incredibly happy.

The last big one is being married does not mean we both "must" grow up. I know, this sounds childish, but look again. I and my hubby basically two freak kiddos who have jobs, responsibilities and happen to be married. When real everyday life catches and you both take them seriously, you're dying, bro. I frankly have a kid heart and my hubby is just a little boy inside (uh hello, every dudes are simply boys, ages don't matter). It is totally great when we can act and do like kids and giggle about something or laugh hard of poking and joking someone else. If you do this without guilt or shame, congrats my friend, you just found your partner in crime.

Saying "I love you" (plus blow a kiss) wraps everything. Before you sleep, in the morning, before take a bath, after you fart or when you get mad at one another - that words are magic. No other explanation needed.

Cheers to the future and dreams!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vitamin Sea Chaser

"Smell the sea and feel the sky. 
Let your soul and spirit fly." 
-Van Morrison


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Are you feeling so freaking lazy?

My weeks have been relatively okay. Office regimen 8-to-5, then go home or workout, take some rest, tidy up the apartment, read a book, eat or drink, snacking... -- pretty much just okay. But holy moly, I felt pretty tired.

But wait, do I feel just tired or fatigue or maybe lazy? How can I figure it out?

Sometimes, I ask myself these questions and do these things:
  • Did I workout too much? Nah. I painted, my heartbeat run and it killed, but I could laugh and talk with friends afterwards. That means I was fine, I did not overtrain and I was fit.
  • Am I afraid to do or change something in me? Sometimes. Even it's the thing that I have done or always do (i.e: Going for run, to the carwash, to the movie alone, shopping for groceries, writing, etc). My weakness: Overthink. I know I should take control of my overthinking. The more often I let it claim my head, the more insane I could be. Seriously, this overthinking sometimes blow me up to hell. When I get my period, let's say, the hormones go nuts and I feel like I am probably a bipolar, because I think of every details of my surroundings. That is able to make me stop and do nothing. Not tired or lazy, but afraid.
  • Do I get enough sleep? I go to bed around 10-11 pm and get up at about 5.30 am. When dark days come, I wake up in the middle of the night and rarely back to sleep. I don't suffer from insomnia, but I need a longer time to fall asleep. So when I really asleep and something wakes me up, I'll be very cranky and mad the whole day. The answer: I get pretty decent time resting.
  • Alarm - don't snooze it! Habit, people. When you plan to do something on the day, or simply wake up in the morning, try set an alarm and DO NOT snooze it and roll back to your blanket. Alarm surprisingly help you move your ass and do something. Do this everyday and you will find that this would become an excellent habit. I know alarm sounds are annoying, but if it does not poke you, you will continue be a lazy ass.
  • Do I eat healthy and nutritious foods? I must admit, the last few months' foods were quite "dirty". It was out of control and I did not have the drive to keep it up. Preparations were too much even though I have done it previously and religiously. Maybe I felt food preparation stole my sleeping time, so I did not care anymore. But now that I eat dirty everyday, I know I juts have been a lazy bitch. Should I start it again? I've been thinking, though, maybe not 7 days a week, 3 days could be enough to start caring for myself.
Most of all, try to step it up. Lazy happens when you are uninspired and nothing to do. Do something so hard it may even be impossible for you to actually think you can do. Then you may find out that being lazy isn't much of a choice anymore. Stop wishing start doing.

You may not always feel like it and not always want to do it, but the sooner you control your "laziness", the sooner you will start action and beat it every single time. 


Sunday, February 15, 2015

The "So What" spell

I used to be very shy and silent of things that required public appearance, got to face one-o'-one with a stranger in a room (or something like that), and even do something scary that I'd never done before (like drafting a great deal of key point for a leader speech). If I had a choice, usually I had, to just remain quiet and invisible, I'd do so.

I was a silence-is-gold folk, my friend.

As of today, I won't say I like to show myself in public, but I feel more comfortable to say something in front of people or just a person. Changes are good, aren't they? I still feel nervous and sometimes suffer from cold sweats prior to do something in public, or to a powerful person or to just a stranger.

I thought I was changed because of it's enough for me to stay behind the scene and be a ghost. I though I was tired of just being known as an "introvert" or uncommunicative person, because deep down I always knew what I was capable of . I have been thinking that if everyone else can do it, why can't I? There's no such thing as differences between me and those people, not really. You know, your mind plays sneaky tricks on you until you believe what you think of something.

When those days of having to do something scary comes, I constantly and instantly tell my self the "So What" inquiry. If I wonder within me whether other people will be pleased with what I've done or either way they will hate me, "so what"? It doesn't matter, because they probably can necessarily do that thing you do. If they'd hate you for it, "so what? You cannot please everyone around, if you can only make one and only one person happy, then it all that matters.

This "So What" stuff has helped me through thin and thick, sugar and salt, and a little mix in between. I push myself to go beyond what I've always thought I could not do and it works -- I am limitless.

Having a little vibration of embarrass or fear is OK and totally normal. The result is no big deal also, you cannot control what will happen of everything, right? The most important thing is the action you do to overcome and surpass the fear, that you try and enjoy the moment of embarrassment before finally reap what you sow.

"So What" is, for me, a powerful, encouraging and empowering mantra -- as long as it's used for a greater goods especially for yourself. Feel free to say it to yourself and feel a little excitement within afterwards, it means you know you are infinity.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wedding Vendor Review: ALIENCO Photography

Finding a complete, perfect documentation vendor for the wedding is TOUGH.

I must admit, there were tons of choices. Photography vendors were everywhere to find in Jakarta. They came at various ranges of prices; creative approaches on angles, styles and results; and, of course, some of them are uber famous – which, for me, was not really the first pick.

I desired a rising, fresh photography vendor. I want an alternative. #AntiMainstream #JK

Browsed and searched through the internet had helped me a lot. I didn’t remember where I actually found ALIENCO Photography, perhaps from a notorious wedding forum or some ex-bridezilla blogs, but I found them. It was a big deal, though.

They had great reviews; people were satisfied with the results – and importantly, the process. ALIENCO offered a great package, value for your $$, I must say.

I discussed with Mas Boy throughout the first encounter through the briefing prior the D-day. He was not only friendly, but he was helpful to figure out what styles I envisioned for my wedding documentation. He offered numerous advices and inputs, and I was enlightened. The dealing process was easy, too. In short, I didn’t take a lot of time to finally say yes to pick out ALIENCO. Yay!

Then, here’s come the wedding day. They were about 6 team member of ALIENCO helping the process. From the very beginning when the makeup situation was hectic, they didn’t make it more difficult. Yet, the team was moving here and there trying to take the best possible photos. One thing on my mind: They’re pro, bro!

The lead photographer was Mas Ali – which obviously where ALIENCO name derived from (Ali and Co., right?). He took super awesome photos, with the lighting, the angles and everything. He talked a lot, a fun guy and a charmer (in a good way, of course.. lol). Mas Ali created dramatic photos, while the other team made more natural ones. ALIENCO gave me three styles of photos: Candid, dramatic and pose.

Oh, this one thing freaked me out a lot. I was a happy, lucky girl to have them in my wedding day. They surprised me with a cool style, which surprisingly fit with my style: GoPro drone was flying around the room shooting rad videos and footages! Ah, the drone stole the show, I lose! #bowdown

I couldn’t ask for more, I was super satisfied and happy with everything ALIENCO gave and provided. Seriously, if you guys plan to get married in Jakarta, try talk to them and consider them to be in your team. You won’t be disappointed, they are a serious contender.

Thank you so very much, dearest ALIENCO team for your cool, awesome works!

*Here are some of the results:

With ALIENCO team (added WO girl and the MC on my sides)


Friday, January 2, 2015

Twenty fifteen: I am a meme!

Happy New Year 2015!

So I googled myself in the beginning of this new year. I clicked on both the web and images, found quite similar stuff of what probably I've googled months before. Conclusion: I need to get back on writing and publishing it because I feel ultimately happy doing that. By the way, maybe I was boring or just trying to find fresh ideas out there on the cyber world, I ended up looking at some memes on the Google images when I just searched on my name.

Then I was intrigued, what if there were more memes featuring my name on it? I seriously had no idea why I would even think about that. Execute.

Do you know that you are a meme and you don't know it?
This could be my very first 2015 accomplishment which I was proud of - I have meme, you guys!

Well type this on Google search box: [Your Name] Meme
And click on the "Images" button.

Here are mine. Some random Ryan Gosling, to the Lord of The Rings, and a French bulldog. There are approximately thousands out of 7.125 billion people (2013) on Earth whose name are "Amelia". And they perhaps make themselves a meme, with a picture of shirtless Ryan Gosling, to fix the moodswing. Perhaps.

*This one! 
Grammar: The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're a shit. 

Sooo, what do you find?

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