Friday, January 2, 2015

Twenty fifteen: I am a meme!

Happy New Year 2015!

So I googled myself in the beginning of this new year. I clicked on both the web and images, found quite similar stuff of what probably I've googled months before. Conclusion: I need to get back on writing and publishing it because I feel ultimately happy doing that. By the way, maybe I was boring or just trying to find fresh ideas out there on the cyber world, I ended up looking at some memes on the Google images when I just searched on my name.

Then I was intrigued, what if there were more memes featuring my name on it? I seriously had no idea why I would even think about that. Execute.

Do you know that you are a meme and you don't know it?
This could be my very first 2015 accomplishment which I was proud of - I have meme, you guys!

Well type this on Google search box: [Your Name] Meme
And click on the "Images" button.

Here are mine. Some random Ryan Gosling, to the Lord of The Rings, and a French bulldog. There are approximately thousands out of 7.125 billion people (2013) on Earth whose name are "Amelia". And they perhaps make themselves a meme, with a picture of shirtless Ryan Gosling, to fix the moodswing. Perhaps.

*This one! 
Grammar: The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're a shit. 

Sooo, what do you find?

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