Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wedding Vendor Review: ALIENCO Photography

Finding a complete, perfect documentation vendor for the wedding is TOUGH.

I must admit, there were tons of choices. Photography vendors were everywhere to find in Jakarta. They came at various ranges of prices; creative approaches on angles, styles and results; and, of course, some of them are uber famous – which, for me, was not really the first pick.

I desired a rising, fresh photography vendor. I want an alternative. #AntiMainstream #JK

Browsed and searched through the internet had helped me a lot. I didn’t remember where I actually found ALIENCO Photography, perhaps from a notorious wedding forum or some ex-bridezilla blogs, but I found them. It was a big deal, though.

They had great reviews; people were satisfied with the results – and importantly, the process. ALIENCO offered a great package, value for your $$, I must say.

I discussed with Mas Boy throughout the first encounter through the briefing prior the D-day. He was not only friendly, but he was helpful to figure out what styles I envisioned for my wedding documentation. He offered numerous advices and inputs, and I was enlightened. The dealing process was easy, too. In short, I didn’t take a lot of time to finally say yes to pick out ALIENCO. Yay!

Then, here’s come the wedding day. They were about 6 team member of ALIENCO helping the process. From the very beginning when the makeup situation was hectic, they didn’t make it more difficult. Yet, the team was moving here and there trying to take the best possible photos. One thing on my mind: They’re pro, bro!

The lead photographer was Mas Ali – which obviously where ALIENCO name derived from (Ali and Co., right?). He took super awesome photos, with the lighting, the angles and everything. He talked a lot, a fun guy and a charmer (in a good way, of course.. lol). Mas Ali created dramatic photos, while the other team made more natural ones. ALIENCO gave me three styles of photos: Candid, dramatic and pose.

Oh, this one thing freaked me out a lot. I was a happy, lucky girl to have them in my wedding day. They surprised me with a cool style, which surprisingly fit with my style: GoPro drone was flying around the room shooting rad videos and footages! Ah, the drone stole the show, I lose! #bowdown

I couldn’t ask for more, I was super satisfied and happy with everything ALIENCO gave and provided. Seriously, if you guys plan to get married in Jakarta, try talk to them and consider them to be in your team. You won’t be disappointed, they are a serious contender.

Thank you so very much, dearest ALIENCO team for your cool, awesome works!

*Here are some of the results:

With ALIENCO team (added WO girl and the MC on my sides)


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