Saturday, March 7, 2015


When he lies, he lies
He is genuine, a novel
A charmer, a spell;
But when he lies, he lies

He means no harm
Yet, a weapon he is-
Things he says;
Issues he solves;
Beauties he sees;
He kills

And when he lies, he lies

He smells like a gin;
A chocolate with pure round brown eyes;
Curly dark, soft hairs
He lies, still

Walking like a set of winning gloves,
He cries for intimacy;
He begs for the touch, for his muse
Perceiving the impossible, he never misses
Lies, all lies he says

Speaks courteous, smoothly denying
He never fails –
Surrounding is tricked, manipulative
He opens, liberating everyone to believe

But I always know, he lies

Why he must lie?

-Amelia Winnie
Jakarta, March 7


Anonymous said...

Yet you choose to be lied to even though you know that he leads his life in a colourful web of lies

Anonymous said...

I don't know how it is now, but whatever happened, I suggest you not go back to him. Whatever sugar-coating shits he may say, don't go on that trap ever again. I may not know you and stuff, but I assure you I didn't let "in my pants" thing happened (God's forbid). Just to let you know, he tried so hard because he always got what he wanted, including you, your attention and your apt. I tell you, this isn't only applied to girls, but to other things like reputation and work stuff. He'll tell you what you want to hear, and he didn't really that into you. He wanted sumthin from you, but it wasn't genuinely you yourself. Truth hurts, my friend. But I'm not the only one who gotta say this. His so-called closed-circle (me included) has felt that he politically gained something from lying and saying top-notch information to us, yet he stabbed us slowly and made us believe how powerful he is around here.

Did you know he fucked his own thesis student? Did you know he lived in his ex-affair apt nearby CP?
Did you know he used his own dude friends at the office to hide his shits from you and other people? Did you know he always said different things to different people? Did you know that behind that seemingly perfect case, he's a rotten bastard evilish person?
Did you know that he would do ANYTHING, and say ANYTHING to get the hell he wants?

Darling you deserve more than his ass. You once trapped but let that thing happening no more. Remember your roots and how unfaithful and fucked-up he has been, and he'll always be that way until he dies. It's true people change, but for a person like him, never mind the change. He's a mess.


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