Sunday, April 5, 2015

Are you feeling so freaking lazy?

My weeks have been relatively okay. Office regimen 8-to-5, then go home or workout, take some rest, tidy up the apartment, read a book, eat or drink, snacking... -- pretty much just okay. But holy moly, I felt pretty tired.

But wait, do I feel just tired or fatigue or maybe lazy? How can I figure it out?

Sometimes, I ask myself these questions and do these things:
  • Did I workout too much? Nah. I painted, my heartbeat run and it killed, but I could laugh and talk with friends afterwards. That means I was fine, I did not overtrain and I was fit.
  • Am I afraid to do or change something in me? Sometimes. Even it's the thing that I have done or always do (i.e: Going for run, to the carwash, to the movie alone, shopping for groceries, writing, etc). My weakness: Overthink. I know I should take control of my overthinking. The more often I let it claim my head, the more insane I could be. Seriously, this overthinking sometimes blow me up to hell. When I get my period, let's say, the hormones go nuts and I feel like I am probably a bipolar, because I think of every details of my surroundings. That is able to make me stop and do nothing. Not tired or lazy, but afraid.
  • Do I get enough sleep? I go to bed around 10-11 pm and get up at about 5.30 am. When dark days come, I wake up in the middle of the night and rarely back to sleep. I don't suffer from insomnia, but I need a longer time to fall asleep. So when I really asleep and something wakes me up, I'll be very cranky and mad the whole day. The answer: I get pretty decent time resting.
  • Alarm - don't snooze it! Habit, people. When you plan to do something on the day, or simply wake up in the morning, try set an alarm and DO NOT snooze it and roll back to your blanket. Alarm surprisingly help you move your ass and do something. Do this everyday and you will find that this would become an excellent habit. I know alarm sounds are annoying, but if it does not poke you, you will continue be a lazy ass.
  • Do I eat healthy and nutritious foods? I must admit, the last few months' foods were quite "dirty". It was out of control and I did not have the drive to keep it up. Preparations were too much even though I have done it previously and religiously. Maybe I felt food preparation stole my sleeping time, so I did not care anymore. But now that I eat dirty everyday, I know I juts have been a lazy bitch. Should I start it again? I've been thinking, though, maybe not 7 days a week, 3 days could be enough to start caring for myself.
Most of all, try to step it up. Lazy happens when you are uninspired and nothing to do. Do something so hard it may even be impossible for you to actually think you can do. Then you may find out that being lazy isn't much of a choice anymore. Stop wishing start doing.

You may not always feel like it and not always want to do it, but the sooner you control your "laziness", the sooner you will start action and beat it every single time. 


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